How to plan a party you want to promote

Pin It – Learn how to be a party promoter. This video is from the Party Promoting 3.0 program. A step by step guide to teach you how to make money promoting parties like the pros!

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  1. TheBlondeShow2010 Says:

    omg, thank u!!!! this was SO helpful!!! ur really good(:

  2. mrballa23 Says:

    The best promotion is Tv advertising your commercail on tv….

    Just hit different channels in different location cities around you

  3. trentondunn Says:

    Consider selling food, drinks, and maybe even raffle tickets 😉

  4. JalissaCarter Says:

    im plannin a gospel holy hip hop party and with it being a christain party i don’t wanna charge at the door but is there any way i could make extra cash?

  5. trentondunn Says:

    That depends on what all you have going on. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with basic task and you want to have your hands free on the night of your party

  6. tequilaquila Says:

    What type of staff do you need to make all of this happen?

  7. og882001 Says:

    im planning hiphop party, and searching for ideas. do u know where can i find dat kind of infos?

  8. biggiebrowns79 Says:

    thank you i requested you by accident on my girls profile , but she can learn 2 ill request you on mines later

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