How To Make Money Through Your Newsletter

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The most successful internet marketers know how to milk their newsletters. If you don’t have a newsletter service yet, you’re missing out on a lot of earning possibilities. Here are the things you need to do to start earning online using a newsletter.

Step 1: Choose Your Autoresponder Software

Before you can really earn from your online endeavors, you should find out how you can set up an auto responder series known as a newsletter. You might have heard this old adage among internet marketing circles and thought that this method is kind of outdated. Trust me, this method will always be one of the best internet marketing techniques. Without any auto responder, you are tossing potential bags of money in the garbage. Rather than creating a relationship with customers and potential customers, you’re letting them go. The services that are popular among internet marketers are aweber, getresponse and 1shoppingcart.

Step 2: Choose a Way for People to Buy Your Digital Products

In your letters to your subscribers, you will be promoting something they can download ASAP, or join this or that membership site. Once you’ve sold the product psychologically to your customers, they would want to get it at once. This means you have to provide a way for them to give you their money in exchange for your ebook or software product.

When you have a good auto responder, another thing you absolutely must have before you get started is a check out service. Some of the more popular ones are Paypal, Click Bank and 2 Check Out.

Step 3: Set Up Your Landing Pages

The landing page is the page that your cutomer visits first. On that page, they will get to know your product, you can offer a free newsletter or they will see your “order now” button. Any individual who gives his email address and confirms his subscription will get recorded by the auto responder. That person will become a part of your newsletter mailing list..

Step 4: Your Money Strategy

Once they subscribe, the auto responder will send them your messages. Remember that the person is receiving your message like he’s receiving a letter from someone he knows. You can use the letter to describe your product in detail or persuade the subscribers to buy. You can use soft selling techniques or you can do a hard sell, it’s really your choice.

A lot of internet marketers don’t even wait for a few emails before they start selling. They publish their thank you pages with an up sell attached.

If you don’t have your own product yet, you can still use your newsletter to generate profit. Your next option is to endorse a product as an affiliate.

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