How to Have a Smooth International Air Freight Shipment

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If you have tried sending an international air freight before, then you know that it is quite stressful and complex. These tips will help make your work much easier.

One of the most difficult questions to answer when talking about international air freight shipping is often, “Who’s going to pay what?” This is easier to answer in domestic shipping. It’s either collect or prepaid. Global shipping is an absolutely different thing. Who is responsible for the payment for the inland freight? Who’s supposed to pay duties and taxes? Discuss these with your customer before the shipping begins. If you need help, ask a highly experienced freight forwarder.

It is completely mind-boggling to think that many manufacturers spend so much money, time, and effort creating something but put so little thought into the packaging. Keep in mind that your freight will be transported halfway around the earth, and it will be handled at least eight times. So, be sure that your products are stored in a robust packaging and are fastened securely to the skid.

Get the right weight and dimensions of your freight. Road carriers and airlines take volume and weight into account when assessing the shipping charges. Inaccurate calculation of the volume, weight, or both, could skew costs and may cause your freight to be held if the carrier verification does not match the stated weight and dimensions. Bear in mind customs in some countries could be very strict on miscalculation. Brazil, for example, likes weights to be presented to the tenth of a kilo. So, make sure your measurements are correct, but if you don’t have the right measurement tools, inform your forwarder.

Every freight forwarder dreads the moment when a customs official opens a box that the exporter declared as “chargers for mobile phone” and finds lithium batteries or little bottles of acetone (which are considered to be hazardous goods). Before turning your documents over to your freight forwarder, take some time to think about what you are shipping exactly. Have you declared everything? Have you described all products in your package correctly and in detail?

For a smooth, less stressful international air freight shipment, look for a well experienced, dependable freight forwarder who could also help you get economical air freight rates for the transport of your goods. Visit Seaport Transport Management to obtain more helpful information.

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