How to File a Tax Extension

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If you are feeling the stress of the upcoming April 15 income tax deadline, you have another option – you can file a tax extension and delay your income tax deadline to October 15.

The IRS is willing to grant you the six month income tax extension without you having to come up with an excuse to extend. In fact, the IRS doesn’t even ask why you need to extend. As long as you properly submit your extension request by providing accurate information, the IRS will grant you the six month extension automatically.

The fastest way to file an extension is to file it online through a website run by an approved IRS e-file provider like makes the process easy. You’ll be asked for your contact information and then taken through a few simple questions to determine if you want to make a tax payment along with your extension. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. A day later you’ll have an email back with the status of your extension. It’s that simple.

Another benefit to using is that they will help you ensure the information you submit is accurate, and they’ll help you submit multiple times (for no additional fee) if you for some reason get a rejection from the IRS. will also provide you with an online calculator to help you determine if you should make a payment with your tax extension. If you decide to make a payment, you’ll be able to either mail a check directly to the IRS or pay via direct debit from your bank to the IRS as part of your tax extension e-file.

It is important to note that filing a tax extension does not grant you extra time to pay the IRS if you expect to owe the IRS additional tax dollars beyond any current W2 withholdings or estimated tax payments you’ve already made for the 2007 tax year. If you owe the IRS when you file your return and don’t pay when you file your extension, you may be subject to penalties and interest payments.

So, do yourself or your tax preparer a favor and file a tax extension. The deadline to file your income tax extension with the IRS is midnight on April 15. If you are for some reason rejected, you’ll have until April 20 to correct any errors and complete your extension.

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