How to Empower Employees: A Guide for Managers

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Companies widely count on employees. When employees feel that they are empowered, they create improved results for the organisation. In most organisations, managers are responsible for empowering their people, and providing them all needed tools to function in their job. If managers cannot empower their employees, it may result in unhappy, unsatisfied people and low performance and productivity.

Written here is a helpful guide to empowering employees:

1. Assign duties according to the skills of employees. Avoid giving tasks that are not within the skill level of an employee, otherwise, doubt will emerge within the employee and significantly lessens his self-confidence level. Assign the job and make yourself available to attend to or answer any of his questions.

2. Listen to them. Pay close attention to any complaints and suggestions. It is very much possible that they understand their duties better than you do. Listen to their ideas on how to make their jobs significantly easier. Acknowledge those who share ideas that deserve to be implemented. Acknowledging them both publicly and privately boosts their spirits.

3. Communicate with them. Talk to your people regarding any changes the department or the whole company may experience. Although you don’t want to unveil the plans too soon, making sure they’re informed shows you really care about their well-being. Talk to them once in a while to know their level of satisfaction about the entire company.

4. Give some decision-making responsibilities to the people who prove themselves to be effective and adept at taking on greater projects. A manager should establish a work environment that supports the decision making process, which allows the employees to empower themselves.

5. Build a environment at work. Establish policies that could help in this endeavor. Never turn to dictatorship. Employees have the tendency to be more open to instructions and directions when they feel they are a valuable part of a team. When the contributions of employees are valued, they would be able to generate excellent results.

6. Show that you appreciate what they do for the company. Recognize them when they’ve accomplished a challenging project or done the extra mile. For example, if someone meets his quota, show appreciation by sending a note or email of congratulations or giving an incentive or bonus.

7. Provide valuable resources. Equip your people with the right technological resources training and tools they need to generate best results. If you do not have these, seek help from professionals and coaches. Visit the site of VERVEPOTENTIAL to know how professional leadership and management courses can help you empower your employees and help them do their best at work.

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