How Much MONEY Do I Make!? (Re: YouTube Stars Making $100000 Plus Per Year article)

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Here is the article that falsely claims I’ve gotten 159 million views in the past 12 MONTHS: My official total video views since I joined YouTube in 2006 is 113 million — spread over FOUR YEARS. I’m very proud I’ve gotten this many views, but I certainly haven’t gotten anywhere near the impossible 159 million in a year! You can see the actual total on my channel page: This is in addition to the fact that their CPM estimates are actually totally wrong. Although it’s kind of fun to be on a list I don’t belong on, it’s more important to me that people get their facts straight before spewing garbage to the public. As far as going into more detail about my YouTube income, besides it being my own business, naming actual specific figures is against the partner agreement all YouTube Partners have signed with Google. Thanks for all of your kind notes and comments! Greg

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  1. 800hennessy Says:

    Hahaha “You cannot just take a shit on a page and sell it as a book! I won’t buy your shit book.”

  2. soulrisk1010 Says:

    its never rude to ask how much somebody makes… I don’t know why people freak out about it..

  3. brutaka359 Says:

    OutBackZack said if any yt partner said how much they make, their out of the deal 😛

  4. bman53rocks Says:

    @ArtThroughAmbience that is some of a name of a different channel

  5. freedomhaha Says:

    I’m not gonna buy your shit book, lol.

  6. ArtThroughAmbience Says:

    I thought the video was pretty cool and all, but uh, why is “Turks” listed as one of the tags…?

  7. raykiller545 Says:


  8. ChaosXTheCool Says:

    @CoDMw2Official It like asking a woman how old are you

  9. shootinglikestarz13 Says:

    I would also like yo shit diamonds. Lol

  10. FarmGiraffe Says:

    Wow cool 😀 Though I don’t have 12 hours of free time a day to do this though :p Guess I won’t become a highly-paid youtube partner :p

  11. kozes Says:

    @CoDMw2Official i think it’s considered rude, because it causes a superiority complex.
    people don’t ask others, ” why are you fat ” or ” what makes you soo ignorant”
    it is what it is, and they got where they are by the choices they made. it is easy for you to judge them, and thats what asking what their salary allows you to do.

  12. metalliholic Says:

    Isn’t most views different than most money made?

  13. lovelilovesyou55 Says:

    lol!!!!!!! this was too funny

  14. KillYoFam97 Says:

    I ask because I want to know if its worth the hard work or should I just do something else. And you pussies want to call me rude. GTFO.

  15. OfficialDreTv Says:

    destorm had way more then you and he’s not up there

  16. JesusRealTV Says:


  17. mazol4e Says:

    Especially since you get the money from your subscribers, it isn’t rude to ask how much money you make.

  18. kgummee Says:

    It’s no one’s business how much you or anyone else makes!! Period!! It is a rude question and shows a serious lack of manners!!

  19. gorillaE999 Says:

    soooo you make how much? just kidding

  20. ForeverLSU13 Says:

    Difference between your accounting example and why people ask you is simple…. If you ask the accountant in an office it’s safe to assume you work in said office and so it would be comparing salaries, now this is an assumption (which may or may not be correct) but when people comment asking what you make it’s likely because they are interested in trying to become a youtube partner and want to know if it’s a viable living.

  21. THEICON513 Says:

    shay carl makes a bit more than $100,000 dollars a year thanks to his ads with google he pretty much showed proof to all his viewers in his blog

  22. sisk22 Says:

    lol shit diamonds

  23. MONTAGEZownsYOU Says:

    well i don’t know why the hell you’re mad about an article that made you sound decent even though i honestly don’t plan on subscribing, which i’m sure makes no difference to you, but there is false advertising every day, we’re sorry that we’re interested in the possibility of making money, if you are applying for a job, you usually want to know how much you’re going to make, and it’s usually a question someone who’s already employed there can make, anyways just my thoughts, thanks

  24. sable428 Says:

    yellow journalism my dear greg 😀

  25. sable428 Says:

    @CoDMw2Official cause you are 12

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