How Can Politicians Use Aerial Advertising?

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All over the country, many are turning to banner advertising to get their message to a large group of people in a short time. The banner may be as long as 120 feet with seven feet letters spelling out the message. Once the banner is made, it is dragged into the sky by a hook hanging from the plane. In the next hour or so, everyone looking up will read the message.

Billboard ads are really just the same message you would find on a highway billboard but it is flown overhead. Billboard and banner messages include words, logos, and photographs. They are used to advertise a charity, a product, a service, or a special event. Some individuals have used banners or billboard to congratulate someone for an honor they received, to recognize an achievement, or even to propose marriage.

Due to the nature of the United States’ political system, it seems someone is virtually always running for office somewhere, especially during the summer and fall of major election years. In recent years, some candidates have used aerial ads to spread their message, and for good reason. Banner or billboard ads as described above are an ideal way of promoting a candidate. Here are some reasons why this is true.

First, banner or billboard ads are more focused. Magazines could be read by people far outside the voting district, and TV ads must be repeated to be sure they are seen. But banner ads are flown over just the jurisdiction of the candidate. Information and money are not wasted.

Second, the ads reach a large number of people in a short period of time. Yes, it is best to shake hands with each person in the district, but this is not always possible or practical. A billboard or banner flying over a city, sports event, political rally, or beach will put the name and slogan of the candidate before the people in a matter of minutes.

Third, billboards can display a picture of the candidate. Imagine a billboard of a candidate moving from a stationary stand and flying over every person in the district! The drone of the engine grabs people’s attention. The banner flying overhead demands to be read. Then, when it is time to vote, the citizens will recognize his name and, possibly, will vote for him.

As we said, personal contact is best. Get out and meet the people. Find out what is important to them. The banner will then complement the personal message. They have seen your name in the sky. Now they meet your personally and learn that you care what they think. All this adds up to more votes on election day.

Banner ads are not only successful but are also relatively cheap. Banners can be stored and used again without additional cost of production. This is also true of billboards. Then the only real cost is flight time. Overall, banner or billboard candidating has proven effective for others and wise politicians will look into using it themselves.

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