Housing Depression – The Truth Behind the Statistics Part 1/5

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inflation.us To Support this Channel? VISIT inflation.us and sign up for MY FREE newsletter!!! Special Housing Depression update with George4title and VisionVictory. Part 2 will be posted on Friday April 10th at youtube.com/george4title Part 3 will be posted on Suday April 12th on the VisionVictory Channel TBA Part 4 & 5 Banks aren’t reselling many foreclosed homes www.sfgate.com

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  1. shawn9097 Says:

    i dont blame the people 1 bit for doin this the way the banks screw you with the loans we get for 20-30 years that you pay more than twice what you borrow

  2. bicycledays Says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. Do you think that Florida is next? That’s where I live. Any recommendations for me? America is falling apart. The bank bailouts and crooked government have ruined everything.

  3. hobatu Says:

    I can see how vandalizing foreclosing properties teaches a lesson to the banks – don’t do sub prime loans. If people were leaving stuff intact, the banks wouldn’t see the downside of reckless lending practices.

    But of course, it’s the free market way of doing things. The proper way is to prevent all the trouble through responsible governance (i.e. what’s known as socialism in America, or as reality in all the successful countries).

  4. fedtheend Says:

    That’s how bush paid for the war.

  5. fedtheend Says:

    probably the same people that called me idiot back when bush’s first term a lot of bloggers were saying, don’t buy, don’t buy. please, this “ownership society “thing is just based on a fantasy.

  6. 12131AllDay Says:

    who gives a shit thats life

  7. wtchdawrld Says:

    Geeeeez people who did it will suffer forever.

  8. USAF73 Says:

    i will do the same thanks for the good idea

  9. curious220 Says:

    Thats like a person lied about something another person did and you blaming the person they lying on, not the lier…!!! Thats being an IDIOT!! And being foolish!! Some people are a bunch greedy, arrogant fools that go around belittling people on what they have lost or don’t have. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! A greedy, arrogant fool…!!

  10. RhythmGraffiti Says:

    Teenagers getting high & smashing up a house, BIG FUCKING DEAL.

  11. DavieWestmacott Says:

    Anyone who buys a house, the biggest purchase you will probably ever make, without being educated about it deserves whatever they get. There was nothing stopping people from doing a bit of research first. A house is a huge purchase and should not be purchased with such reckless abandoned. The banks manipulated no one, they simply gave out the loans. If anyone did any manipulating it was probably the realtor. But you should take anything a salesperson says with a grain of salt anyway.

  12. Beingreal40 Says:

    “House of cards” Traunches of mortgage pools, and lenders pushed option ARMs stated no doc loans to make huge profits on people who never had a chance. Underwrites and brokers got huge commisions to sell these loans(High Yield Premium Spread). Realtors jumped in with the push 45 day escrow.

    So it’s okay to steal money and damage lives by setting up fraudulant loans and then telling the media the home owner lied.

    But it’s not okay to destroy the home.

    Girard 973 Your the idiot

  13. Beingreal40 Says:

    Sad. We honestly placed 20 percent down. Spruced up the home. Made our payments for two and a half years just to find out we we’re also in a liar loan with American Home Mortgage. The hardest part preparing to lose home and life savings is being called a liar or stupid for trusting broker.

    Never again!

  14. curious220 Says:

    NO!!! They got suckered to buy them!! And wasn’t really educated or informed about what they was getting into..!SO!! the banks are the fault because they manipulated people into buying into this BIG ILLUSION called the “AMERICAN DREAM”!! They were not being honest to people because they were too busy lining their pockets..!!! So it makes them a bunch of LIERS..!!!!!!!

  15. moniequa Says:

    This will happen again, because there are more idiots out there who are buying. Lets hope they’ll their jobs and see how they’ll keep their houses.

  16. swankrecords Says:

    Looks like my house on Mondays.

  17. ohio1998 Says:

    I agree with you both! There is no reason for any of this. Owning a house, NOT A HOME, isn’t a right. This is what happens when you hand out free money to retards who can’t afford it!

  18. ohio1998 Says:

    This is what happens when you implement the “fair” housing act!!!!!

  19. moniequa Says:

    Davie, I agree with you those who bought houses they couldn’t afford should’ve killed themselves instead of destroying the properties. They are the ones who made dumb mistakes not the houses.

  20. DavieWestmacott Says:

    GFox300: How is it just to maximize the loss to the bank? Is it the banks fault that the person who owned the house either lost their job or couldn’t keep up with the payments? What is the point of wrecking the house? It causes the bank to lose more money (so they have to fire more people), hurts the environment because everything needs to be rebuilt, makes the neighborhood crappier, and generally doesn’t help anyone.

  21. DavieWestmacott Says:

    This is fucking stupid. It isn’t the banks fault people went out and bought a house they couldn’t afford. What purpose does it serve to destroy the house? It just makes everything worse.

  22. cristoretornebiblia Says:

    america is reap what it sow, the Bible says america is babylon God is the One in Control and will put wrath down

  23. TheBlackEve Says:

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  24. RenegadeTimes Says:

    I’d like to add. With a criminal government and wall street how can we possibally not understand this kind of activity. The big criminals are not responsible. The moral and criminal decay of our leaders have set the pace for unstable people. There is no justice only the money God . Bilderbeg .

  25. RenegadeTimes Says:

    When people loose everything they have nothing to loose. Americans who are already unstable will accelerate into pure dangerous chaos. Destruction of homes will be the least of our problems. Crime will rise as the heat of summer comes in. Not being armed in America soon will be a foolish mistake. Water , food , precious metals and guns. Prepare for the worse and pray for the best. If not then accept the consequences of your decisions.

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