Hitler plans to Save Ireland

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Hitler has a plan to save Ireland from it’s current crisis… This vid was made for an Irish Audience and there are terms and references throughout which are explained next if you are not Irish you won’t be familiar with. This is just another Hitler Parody on YouTube.. Please don’t engage me in political commentary… 🙂 Thanks and Enjoy! Biffo – Prime Minister (Brian Cowan) King’s Inn – Irish Law college, Dublin. Ahern – (Bertie) Former prime minister, who ignored an IMF report warning of the crash and bubble and famously said anyone who criticised during the peak of the boom should consider suicide! Shrewsbury Road – Exclusive address in Dublin. Dail – Irish Parliment. Olivia Green – Former employee of Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS) who, unusually for a bank employee, spoke openly about the reckless banking and lending practices of INBS on RTE’s Primetime show; ‘Meet The Bankers’. Abramovich – (Roman) (Chelsea FC owner and Russian Billionaire) One of the few bondholders known by name to have bonds in INBS. His investment company threatened legal action to recover the debt if it was defaulted on). INBS – Building Society which engaged in reckless lending practices, gave out loans without any proper procedure, often in excess of 100%, and reportedly issued loans of millions of euros to Irish Politicians, without proper documentation attached to loan applications. Fingleton – (Michael) (Former) Chief Executive of INBS, who reportedly ‘fast-tracked’ loans to

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  1. zakaslam1 Says:

    @sharkyjones I think the film is called hitler invades ireland

  2. worzel1 Says:

    Excellent vid Pundit1.

    It sings to the general consensus that WE need retribution for the shit these guys pulled. Someone has to pay’ not just US!

    Any other country and these boys would be behind bars! Only in Ireland eh’ the land of back scratchers and brown envelopes

  3. OBAMAisHalfCaste Says:

    Dublin has to be the most boring and morbid town in the world and people who live there just dont know life or there own self-worth its like a prison because almost every bar and food-store has arrogant polish security gaurds on them and everybody judges you for simple things like the way you dress act behave walk and talk its SICK get the fuck out and live your life . You cannot exspress your true self in Dublin because the culture is so exstremley different to everywhere.

  4. carolineess97 Says:

    haha, well done, this is fucking hilarious!!! this vid is epic!!!

  5. janithabesta Says:

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  6. karelian999 Says:

    Excellent!!! For the benefit of overseas viewers:

    Biffo – aka Big Ignorant Fecker from Offaly, or in his words, Big Intelligent Fellow…

    Ahern – (Bertie) – the “Bert” a verbally challenged langer who famously said, “the boom has just got boomer”

    Fingleton – aka “Fingers” for obvious reasons (in the till)

    Mc Creevy – smug gobshite who famously stated when accused of profligacy: “if I’ve got it I’ll spend it”

  7. aligliotoi Says:


  8. hashybumbum93 Says:

    That was fucking brilliant man!! =D
    “I can smell it in my piss!” haha ledge…the video was savage, well done!

  9. vinnyhoags Says:

    Save P*I*G*S*

  10. thescreamsmusic Says:

    What was that blokes surname Cowan or Hitler? Welcome to the Multi-Cultural,Politically Correct,Free Benefit distribution Peoples Republic Of Ireland where you don’t have to be a Leprechaun to be powerful or Sponger but it helps.No need to follow any Yellow Brick Road,just drop over and we’ll give you a House,Money,Allowances & Child Care & School Fees FREE – WE ARE REALLY STUPID & IRISH but sure We’re great Ted.

  11. 12345668587 Says:

    Which program was used

  12. liamevans Says:

    @Ihatefascists You talk about love and peace, and how we are all people, in some of yer other posts, and yet you make a facile statement like that to me, without even knowing me, or my circumstances. I’m not interested in getting into a peurile to-and-fro session with you. Just reflect a moment before you decide to hit yer keyboard. Black and Red.

  13. Ihatefascists Says:

    Give the kid up for adoption now….scum

  14. Ihatefascists Says:

    Scum!, Nazis being funny…I bet you thought Schindler’s List was a hoot!

  15. Ihatefascists Says:

    This is a sick and unfunny parody of national socialism and suggests that this is the solution for Ireland!. It is distasteful on so many levels.

  16. sarahb5567 Says:

    omg best vid ever sums up about every problem in ireland in under nine minutes ! GENIOUS.

  17. sarahb5567 Says:

    omg best vid ever sums up about every problem in ireland in under nine minutes ! GENIOUS.

  18. nyscout Says:

    f the troubles usa started it

  19. d2000ad Says:


  20. jammacmarmalade Says:


  21. shazzbot007 Says:


  22. crackoncocaine Says:

    hell if hitler could get germany out of their mess he can sure help our country

  23. vegaselena Says:

    Extremely funny, speed-reading is a prerequisite!

  24. PaulGrantDesigns Says:

    “All a bunch of useless tossers”. Haha

  25. SCOTTISHB0Y Says:

    Exaggerations down below

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