Hitler explains HR3808, foreclosure fraud parody

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Prequel to the scene where he flips out

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  1. lisulove Says:

    Fhckin Brilliant

  2. AryanKnight Says:

    Ha, –of course we now know St.Hitler was valiantly struggling against the same int’al arch-criminal Rothschild/Rockefeller jewZionist Bank’ster-mafia that N.Americans were duped into fighting to preserve in WW2; –and what do you know, here these dastardly jewZionist Fed.Reserve-Sys. (& IRS-henchmen) are again fraud’closing on the very people they have caused to loose their jobs because the jews have facilitated 50-million illegal-alien invaders, while sending N.American industry packing…!!!

  3. sensuousvanilla124 Says:

    Pure Gold.

  4. toodance Says:

    @mrzack888 ooh, good point. thanks

  5. slinkycat321 Says:

    Bruno Ganz was a little old for the part, but they could not have found a better actor to play Hitler. He should have gotten an oscar for that ,

  6. digitt2 Says:

    The irony of all of this……… bitter-sweet.
    What a wonderful mind you have.

  7. jude109 Says:

    This is excellent stuff and mrzack888 it’s funny anyway, trust me.

  8. rotinek Says:

    More Gold : ) I Love it!

  9. mrzack888 Says:

    it’s only funny if you don’t understsand German.

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