Hell of a Year – David Gravette Hesh Tragedy Remix

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David Gravette’s parts from Hesh Law and Prevent This Tragedy put together for one power remix.

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  1. wcpv999 Says:

    his part in beware of saquatch was sick. buthe kills it in all these clips

  2. Seanistoocool4you Says:

    good thing hes not on vox anymore. shit.

  3. Drbnscum Says:

    every body says bingamen skates like a mini cardiel, but really gravette does

  4. bhamm82 Says:

    5:53 was at the elemtary school in morro bayy! ha

  5. MrLinzus Says:

    he drinks beer during the 50-50 in the beginning…. i love this guy!!

  6. NotoriousBRANDON1991 Says:

    OH MY GOD/

  7. metalskatertjeuh Says:

    @Keegalo damn 😮 i forget bloodshed but i didnt know hes in beware sasquatch

  8. ozzylokz323 Says:

    i saw a gang of banger!!!!!!!!

  9. Keegalo Says:

    @metalskatertjeuh, beware of sasquatch, and a bit in bloodshed.

  10. metalskatertjeuh Says:

    @Keegalo 4? prevent this tragedy and hesh law, what vid also?

  11. xenogofis Says:

    thats some pretty good CGI glad i got to see it… this is all for that new tonyhawk game right?

  12. penguinsauce87 Says:

    gravette’s tight, but this song annoyed the fucked out of me

  13. bakerskate98 Says:

    how does this video have 3 dislikes?

  14. IBAB27 Says:


  15. IBAB27 Says:

    @illbelurkin dude no. hes comin out with another version of his shoe soon

  16. illbelurkin Says:

    @aronsmallz vox has been close to broke for a while…i didnt know it was all related but i heard about that like more than a year ago

  17. nabster105 Says:

    WOW, im sorry but im gona have to say that this is some of THE best skating i have seen in my entire life, PLUS im weally stoned

  18. aronsmallz Says:

    vox aint broke theyre just switching up the team. some dude at circa asked gravette and eman if they wanted on and they said sure.

  19. ajroom Says:

    @illbelurkin dude vox went broke so him and Emmanuel Guzman went on because he used to be flow for them a long time ago

  20. osirisrox1 Says:

    now this is skteboarding

  21. illbelurkin Says:

    i wanna learn why the fuck hes on circa now

  22. epitaphcow Says:

    some of this footy is in beware of sasquatch; this dude gets footage like nothing!

  23. deathcoreskater Says:

    @mitcheo000 n ur a fag for useing the word “noob”

  24. CosmicCamera Says:

    what’s the song? very cool…

  25. CosmicCamera Says:

    @Leonskates lol yep

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