GZA – 0% Finance

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track no. 6 off “Pro Tools”, produced by Jose “Choco” Reynoso

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  1. method190 Says:

    GZA is the shit and will always be rhe shit 🙂

  2. mikebiketrike Says:

    its to fucking hectic!!


  3. mikebiketrike Says:

    mann.. you don’t know what you are talking about.

    this ‘low tone’ blank voice he has is really hard to pull off. his flow is unbelivable..

    no joke, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up the first time i heard this song because of his unique style.

    listen to this song

    life is a movie – gza/genius

    listen to when the gza comes in after the first guy (the rza)

    enjoy brother! take it easy

  4. zillachix Says:

    lyrically slurricained out Gza can do it all


    i was thinkin that


    he aint called genius for nothin…

  7. Scarletsm0ke Says:

    its so you actually concentrate on what hes saying, take note of his epic lyrics

  8. johnjohnphenomenon Says:

    WU-TANG!!!! Rae got the best album of the year NTM meth & red 2, ghostface’s R&B album and wu chamber music. “the realest that run it” plus u got the dirty documentary, trife runnin the killa beez and all the featurings. haters suck a dick cause wu is the shit

  9. robbie2445 Says:

    It reminds me of a fast version of Queens Gambit except hes usin cars instead of NFL teams, hes a LEGEND

  10. mellowlover Says:

    i like GZA but the only problem is that he doesnt hav too much emotion when he raps. simular to HOLOCUST style.GFK, DECK, CAPA even SOLOMON CHILD gets into his raps… but regardless.GZA is the fuckin man !n that moderate tone is almost like a trade mark flow for him & it really seems to work for him. plus this is why we like WU .. they are all so diffent but together they form like VOLTRON

  11. 215workhard Says:

    I see why ppl call this man the Genious!

  12. stupidguy120 Says:

    gza is deep no fake rap ceo bs here………

  13. Richie2k6 Says:

    This nigga just rapped a track telling a story about cars through people while naming over 50 car models at the same time…


  14. grumblekin Says:

    Remember that GZA basically patented this flow and delivery when 50 was in diapers. Those of us who have been with him since the beginning love that easy, laid back style with intelligent lyrics.

    There are plenty of hooting and hollering rappers out there; GZA stands out because of his style.

  15. 1moneyboi Says:

    GZA is so underrated is he’s a ultimate lyricist
    “graduate with more degrees than a thermother” c’mon no other rapper could think of that

  16. musik4life71 Says:

    The flat tone is delivered deliberatley where have u been this is a style of rap one of gza`s many techniques !!! its to show how easy it is and to keep it simple dor some of u lames..

  17. mw2727 Says:

    even liquid swords?

  18. stevesk8r Says:

    i never noticed the chessboard in the background of the cover, haha and i have the cd too

  19. tolerance4humanity Says:

    story of my life

  20. shawnito89 Says:

    the beat is too fast for his style thats why his delivery is off Gza is still sick tho.

  21. BigBearfromthe206 Says:

    yeah that’s what I meant. It’s like he dosen’t even care and he’s just reading his lyrics off a page. he’s needs to get some venom in his stuff. That’s the only complaint I have about Gza. All his cd’s are on the sick level but his flat delivery keeps him out of my rotation.

  22. Kriegasaurus Says:

    man gza’s voice is one of the sickest things about him, but what your saying its not really his voice,its just sometimes he neesd to hype his energy,thats all

  23. prie71 Says:

    wu tang is still ruling this shit,who got the balls to challenge them live on stage…they will black and blue,youre whole crew….

  24. BigBearfromthe206 Says:

    They are sick, but youre a hip hop fan and you don’t think the way a rappers voice sounds is important? Come on, it’s crucial.

  25. skatersk8skater44 Says:

    what the hell does it matter? its hip hop fool. his lyrics are siiiiick.

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