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LISTEN TO: REPUBLICBROADCASTING.ORG for the Truth. Goldman Sachs, the banking giant admitted today that it made “a substantial financial bet against the Gulf of Mexico” one day before the sinking of an oil rig in that body of water.

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  1. skeetinainteasy23 Says:

    Actually ciwangnanzhuce if you want to blame someone lets blame the colored faces because obama gave the okay to drill there.. “It is safe”-Obama

  2. frank63644 Says:

    Bp oil leak build the wall solution —

  3. johnbambammorgan Says:

    Where is the rest of this? WTF?

  4. Karynda Says:

    @islandmuffin Don’t know why this post was hidden. It’s right on target imo. That definitely is the solution. The alternative is what is, fascism. Just look at the fascii that hang in the house of representatives, one on each side of the speaker’s head.

  5. Karynda Says:

    @Fuzorz 911.

  6. Karynda Says:

    @ciwangnanzhuce There is no shame in recognizing what atrocities have had white faces all over it. That’s different than hate. I’m white and I have felt exactly like you ciwangnanzhuce. The white race has MUCH blood on his hands and it goes back a very, very far way. The greatest shame for me is to see this denied by other whites. It was easy for me to know slaughtering the Native Americans was WRONG. Slavery – wrong. The inquisition – wrong. The witch hunts – wrong. Iraq – wrong etc.

  7. Karynda Says:

    @ciwangnanzhuce I would say that it’s the world’s religions that are responsible for the suffering of mankind. They seek to divide us and they surely are responsible for sooo much bloodshed! It’s in the name of their god that they go to war. Yes, it’s the religions that are corrupted and have corrupted the human beings true state. We are all sisters and brothers. If we truly embraced that, these destroyers would loose all their power! Love and no fear? The evil is starved and killed.

  8. Karynda Says:

    stop the other rigs? why not force every one to add the 500,000 fail safe right now then keep them running?

  9. DrSidel Says:

    @ciwangnanzhuce Don’t be fooled by racism. The rulers are not limited to any race or religion. They worship wealth and power and do not care about the common man.

  10. Jeenyus1983 Says:

    @irishslave51 Hell is a multi-dimensional place-and basicly the deeper into sin that you fall into-the deeper pit of hell you will fall into-so sad-that God just wants a little prayer and some faith-and your entire eternity could be changed-life is only a pre-test-and theres only one truly impotant question-

  11. Jeenyus1983 Says:

    @rocksiphone I heard-the execs told the workers to pump sea water instead of concrete down before the blow out-this is soo wack…

  12. bagger101 Says:

    lets see if you can feed this one u tube

  13. PoetikLipz Says:

    very funny re “nigger” word play

  14. vintagelightman03 Says:

    @ciwangnanzhuce your wrong i’m white look what we have for a president….and he ain’t doin shit! Get your stuff together before you bad talk the white race. It don’t matter what color you are ignorance is ignorance!Bottom line.

  15. premantony1 Says:

    @satheeshactsinfo Planetresource(dot)net has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created
    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on .watch the youtube video title “COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL” by? PRR7075

  16. ciwangnanzhuce Says:

    @sfhomeless I am sorry. I apologize.

  17. sfhomeless Says:

    @ciwangnanzhuce All people of all races have individuals and groups who have sold, cheated, beaten, enslaved and murdered men, women & children of all kinds, races, colors, creeds, including their own. External appearances tell you nothing about character or content of one’s mind or heart.

  18. islandmuffin Says:

    Govt. gave collusion corrupt crony access under the condition that it regulate it. Govt. was corrupt and did not regulate. If people had private property rights (including ocean rights) BP would have been forced to enter regulatory agreements with private land/waterowners. Now Obama is extorting $s from BP & violating the U.S. Constitution. Mexican government created a greater oil spill in the same Gulf by being corrupt too.

    Solution – separation between state & business.

  19. irishslave51 Says:

    Goldman Sachs bunch of skin flint, ass munch fucklip cocksuckers. I hope you choke to death on your Tartar. You bailout bitches have left a lot of damage in the pursuit of your filthy money. Pray the people collective don’t put it all together and catch you off guard. BP too.

  20. ForcedAgenda Says:

    Some info I came across: British Petroleum rep. Randy Prescott’s quote: “Louisiana and Mississippi aren’t the only places that have shrimp.”
    Here’s Randy’s office phone number: (713)323-4093 give him a call! You can tell him…”And BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for my car!”
    His email…is:

  21. Isaura21s Says:

    We don’t need this oil.We need to stop this mess

  22. procack1 Says:

    I think Obama should order every American Oil company with deep water rigs to have them seal up what they are doing where they are and be re deployed to the Gulf. Get every piece of equipment on site to suck up the crude. Put a halt to every tanker we have and deploy them to the Gulf. Even if it is different companies they should all have to ban together to help fix this. Make the executive order Obama!!!! Every tanker, every rig….. DO IT NOW

  23. theshadowgypsy Says:

    B.P. playing hide and go seek from your comments, they are also hiding something, find out the secret of what is really going on & why b.p. don’t want to clean this up, send a message to Tony Hayward, let your voice be heard,
    We will send your comments and videos to B.P, also spread them worldwide, We will bring to light, what b.p. wishes to keep in the dark. And we, unlike B.P. won’t hide anything!!! go to our video entitled a message for tony hayward read the description. G.B.P.

  24. wolfdaddy205 Says:

    ,,Goldman Sachs is neck deep here

  25. unitywave Says:

    Uniting All Voices, Hearts and Minds for Planetary Healing Unity Wave

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