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  1. Rkmomenah Says:

    states pay for education. Fed pay for military dudes to go to school

  2. pikmindoctor Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get the citation for this?

  3. Krahl123 Says:

    wait a minute… veterans get as much as the education system? wtf

  4. jbuzzw Says:

    Enjoy your new Democrat sponsored income “surtax” to pay for Obama’s escalation of the three wars…

    War destroys wealth. War destroys the wealth of the taxpayers, current and future, who pay for it, and it also destroys the wealth of those who are attacked.

  5. bs2174 Says:

    I’m not opposed to taxes. Federal or State. I would like the FAIRTAX, do you know what that is or how it would work? I really don’t know how you could possibly come to the comclusion that your suggesting. Perhaps you meant for this comment to be directed towards MarkDouglasC.

  6. FranklyMisterShankly Says:

    I suggest you move to Somalia or some other third world Hobbesian state-of-nature hellhole that has none of those pesky taxes that pay for the roads you drive on, the cops on your street, the protections for the food and medicines you consume or the education for yor children.

  7. FranklyMisterShankly Says:

    A valid point, but does your NJ water convieniently arrive to your house via a faucet (which, in turn, is connected to a municipal water main and a reservoir constructed with state or federal funds) or do you bring it home on foot by the bucket? If it is the latter, you really do have a credible reason to complain…

  8. jestertru Says:

    Housing means programs FHA, Freddie Mac (pre-crash anyway), subsidies for the construction industry, portions of Federal welfare that go to rent subsidies, etc.

    Nutrition means FDA, Dept of Agg and Dept of Education programs involved in research and nutrition, plus welfare cheese, farm subsidies and research.

    The big take home should be, however, how much interest on borrowed money and military/defense (which is non-productive – it earns nothing without use) swamps out all of these.

  9. vxHamsterxv Says:

    The video said it was a over simplification. Come on! Go easy on it.

  10. deeher10 Says:


  11. XxnEr0xXxMaNexX Says:

    well … dosn’t it ? 😀

  12. Rocketdogaffairs Says:

    What does “housing” mean?
    What does “nutrition” mean? Like the american government spends a bunch of money on apples?
    Sorry but this video is a bunch of crud.

  13. SNathanNeedham Says:

    I am an accountant and I often see numbers I do not believe are accurate. I do not believe the numbers that were presented in the video. I am calling your bluff.

  14. purplebeer22 Says:

    god your really snooty

  15. pikmindoctor Says:

    Sorry I’ve just realised you put ” not you, your leaders” – sorry 🙂

  16. pikmindoctor Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to hate an entire country, and actually there’s a lot of things I like about America (some great TV shows, films and music for example). I’m a Brit, so I guess there’s a certain amount of hatred for things our country did in the past too.
    However, I and many other Europeans feel that your right wing party is one of the most stupid and corrupt in the developed world, and the way that religion is used to win election campaigns is shocking.

  17. flyffplaya Says:

    yes, you people are hated by almost every country on the planet. they act nice infront of you but from insde we hate your politics, not you, your leaders

  18. branemark Says:

    3,6 education and 30 on military….
    theres something REALLY wrong there…..

  19. logitechoz Says:


  20. logitechoz Says:

    no dude

  21. pikmindoctor Says:

    30% on the military!

    Is the US in that much danger of being conquered?

  22. canadianboy111 Says:

    30% in military, no, that is too high at 10%.

  23. ugociao Says:

    i prefer that from facebooksoldi,com

  24. t43boss Says:

    “10% go to Other” …as in “Other BS?!!”

  25. t43boss Says:

    jeeze, all theses songs are super fresh!

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