Good Luck Charlie – S01E26 – Driving Mrs. Dabney [HD]

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  1. spicychick1172 Says:

    Driving means leaving awww what a nice thing to say !!

  2. LBeezyTellEm Says:

    @winstonrussa yes second season starts tonight.

  3. winstonrussa Says:

    Is this the season finale?

  4. GuyItalian Says:

    They really shouldn’t make the grandpa stick his middle finger up at teddy at 9:57-9:59.

  5. srw1999 Says:

    at the last bit with Charlie on the motor cycle she was wearing the same black studded jacket that she was wearing in the episode where she had to model!

  6. yougirlZ1 Says:

    aaawwwwe… 🙂 best father daughter momment made me crryy.. kida lol 🙂

  7. heartthatglitters12 Says:

    Great Quality!! Love this episode!!

  8. BlueflyCandy7 Says:

    wait… where’s ivy ?

  9. Selenamiley231 Says:

    @skaterocker131 no cuz like at 6:32 there one on the other… XD

  10. Selenamiley231 Says:

    Charlie is so cute at the endd 🙂 thumbs up if you agrreeee ♥

  11. katiera02 Says:

    yea that is a mistake good eye

  12. skaterocker131 Says:

    I FOUND A MISTAKE, at 6:32 look at ms. dabneyes right hand,she is wareing one bracelet,but at 6:38 now look at her hand again she is now areing too bracelets!

  13. Mags7735 Says:

    I love the end!!

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