Gold & Armageddon: What All Gold Investors MUST know (Pt. 1)

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Add me as a friend on Facebook! Get DAILY GrowBy10 Updates on Twitter! What all Gold & Silver investors MUST know to survive this Economic Collapse. There are many who believe that there will be a eminent and rapid collapse of the dollar and that gold is the best and some say ONLY true store of wealth and value in today’s market. This may be true, but let me challenge you to open your mind to another point of view. And if u haven’t thought threw the other side of the gold/dollar collapse issue, then you’re probably not that conscious of your own position and most likely not as secure of your own position as you might think. How much do you know about what factors are affecting the gold price and the movement in the dollar? If you can only repeat, like a trained parrot, the same talking points that the same talking head repeat over and over on the media…then you are in great need of an education on the true factors that are moving the markets and how to make sure you’re both aware and that you can take advantage of investing opportunities that are abound in this chaotic market. Please watch the entire video and please respond to the points that I make….please back up your comments w/ fact if you have them. thanks! Please RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE. If you’re a like minded person…add me on Facebook! If you own a business, please visit the sites below to learn how to gain new customers each and every day. POWERFUL & FREE Advertising. Also

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  1. baretta1983 Says:

    Gold standard will be be worth nothing in real terms due to deflationary pressures which will happen in the months ahead, rather you will loose half its value when you come to sell your Gold. This is a set up by the Global Banksters (gangsters). Keep your CASH ! and witness the huge downfall in prices soon.

  2. snitchboy12 Says:

    dude come on i know we are in trouble but when the dollar go’s riots and death. You will be robbed

  3. beyo5 Says:

    If the currency system crashes, gold may be ok for a few months, but private gold possession can be outlawed. The Great Depression of the 1930s saw this happen, and if the World System wants everybody to go onto a unified World Currency, you won’t be able to buy squat without their permission and an electronic credit system, NOT precious metals.

  4. disciple90633 Says:

    lol so what should I do….play the rigged stock market and let wall street rape me even more? I don’t think so. Gold is real money, nothing more nothing less and right now I want sound money.

  5. vietpridewoldwide Says:

    @buzzz121 Oh look. Its another conspiracy

  6. Ganja99Super Says:

    first invest in water(water is soon to b privatised. jus go watch water wars.. the worlds runnin outa water and quickly) and food. then the other essensial needs..including firearms and training of using them……and then and only then after preperation 4 da fall gold and silver..u cant eat gold or drink silver can you now.. youd b sitting there begging me for food and water…because simply put u cant live without either…so i could charge u wateva i like and you’d pay it if u were depserate

  7. chines41 Says:

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  8. armaddajam Says:

    bet your suckin somethin eh

  9. videolover61 Says:

    People are mad. They hate banks, bankers, Wall st, etc…nothings fair and people are sick with anger at the system. Its going down in real time people!!!! Watch out there is the set up that’s coming. Dow jones 11,000? Ok you better be pulling out now!!! You will be crying in your beer soon…LISTEN UP!!!

  10. spiralreplicator Says:

    I will always buy gold , but i love silver…..

  11. msquestionmark Says:

    Gold is real money though isn’t it? The dollar is sure to be devalued because of all the printing of money by the Fed. And because of all the money printing and stimulus by central banks around the world, we’ll see inflation in other currencies as well. It will happen sooner or later, there’s no doubt about it. So I think gold & silver are our best bets. Unless the IMF introduces a new world currency in which case I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Maybe the gold bubble will burst too then.

  12. demakok Says:

    your video has a few flaws … but I have to agree that if the dollar crashes and the likelihood is pretty high unless drastic measures are taken like no more printing fake money, the way of life will most definitely change . history over and over again show great empires that come down to their knees because they forgot how hard it was to get to where they were in their civilized societies, just like today. these things never end well

  13. jimbobubbadj Says:

    4rcane, under the present system, the risks are socialized for the well to do and the profits are privatized.

  14. jimbobubbadj Says:

    4rcane, the USA is under fascism. With socialism the common folk are better off. With fascism(merger between government and big business) the rich are even better off and the common folk worse off.

  15. anthonymellado Says:

    It’s like the average American who makes $3000.00 a month but spends $3800.00 each month and has survived because the other $800.00 he charges on a credit card. His credit cards are all maxed out now and he now owes $600,000.00 on them but is wanting to now spend $4200.00 a month. He assures his creditors that he is due for a raise and they should extent his credit. WAKE UP! Look, the reality about precious metals is that they have retained their purchasing power throughout history.

  16. anthonymellado Says:

    There is a major flaw in this video because it does not look at the reality of our situation. If our government was not made up of lying crooks that bow to the Fed. Reserve and the elite bankers of the world they would do what is necessary to save the dollar like this person says will happen but they are not! They are doing the opposite! How can the dollar rebound, as he puts it, when we continue to spend 3 Billion dollars more each day than we make? We either borrow it or print it!

  17. mtwood992211 Says:

    gold/silver have held value for the entire course of human history, is that going to go away in the event of a collapse? probably not. I do invest in gold/silver, but I think the day may come where food will rise more, why not diversify your holdings in survival items as well? Start with the things you NEED to survive, secure shelter, food, water and basic sanitation, then diversify into other areas of possible profit-making so you will be ALIVE to see those profits

  18. jmallton Says:

    @jrnault77 You are right of course…….gold is a horrible investment…….stick with silver if you are going to invest in precious metals……but if you really believe things will get bad… food and water… is common sense

  19. silverfields22 Says:

    Right, you can’t eat it, but you can’t farm enough food, how do you want to pay your goods? With fiat money? Please think twice!

  20. jrnault77 Says:

    In the end they where throwing there gold and silver in the streets. Why you can not eat it and when food is rare who is going to starve themselves for your gold or silver.

  21. crazy650c Says:

    Not for long….that’s for sure. God is surely giving plenty of notice…just look how many famous people have died in just the last year….it should get one’s attention….get your homes in order for the LORD is coming…and He is leaving no man with an excuse….Maranatha !

  22. ewffaces7 Says:

    Yes… of course I believe in a God that is just.
    You see, God is not mocked at.

  23. Piscivorus Says:

    So you admire a god that you believe will destroy civilization and send your family to hell? Wtf dude! You are the one living a lie. Your overactive imagination has made you a gullible fool; your foolish gullibility has made you unconditionally faithful; and your unconditional faith has made you insane. I see why your wife and son are atheists living in Europe, living with you would be hell.

  24. ewffaces7 Says:

    My son’s eyes will open when the dollar collapse.
    If the dollar does NOT collapse, my son will go to hell, just like his mom.
    If the dollar does collapse, he and his mom will beg on their knees that I will help them

    It is time for judgement. My son and my wife live in a LIE. They represent Europe. Europe lives in a total state of denial. All of them are atheists, muslims and… ATHEISTS. Dollar will collapse, the euro will collapse. Praise the Lord for judgement.

  25. meikagirl Says:

    The market crashed last year when Paulson sold a ton of Euro’s on the open market.The dollar rallied hard and the market crashed.I think your right other countries have to devalue their currency to the dollar to stay competitive,and they will have to rush back into the dollar at some point.

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