Globetrotter Fan “Loans” Her Purse

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Harlem Globetrotter Showman Special K Daley borrows the purse of an unsuspecting fan.

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  1. TMET9 Says:

    i saw the game today in chicago it was good and funny

  2. The270Weatherby Says:

    yea lol

  3. Swedoman Says:

    Dont you, you dont have any friends.XD

  4. mynabala Says:

    Hey.. One of my friends dad is On the harlem Globetrotters Team.!! =O

  5. cena4eva3 Says:

    i met all of the old globetrotters i got a free globe trotter ball!

  6. Crazyfrankie666 Says:

    God i love the globetrotters they are seriously the best comic relief of all time.

  7. FlyerBoyJed Says:

    omfg, i was there! it was so awsum that night, that was the BEST night i have evr had in my life, IT WAS AWSUM!!

  8. cdnavarre Says:


  9. 5omnu5 Says:

    i got a singed harlem global trotters ball

  10. FrameStream Says:

    “..everybody in the arena who is male is thinkin’ one thing..”

  11. Dar1usJr Says:

    That Looked like a good time …gotta go to a game sometime

  12. 2905thiago Says:

    esses caras arrebentas
    um dia vou ser como eles !!!!!

  13. killercracker013 Says:

    Well that was stupid

  14. chrism790 Says:

    she was sooo embarresed

  15. countrychic526 Says:

    That was soooo funny. If you don’t love the Globetrotters you are crazy!


    show de bola esse caras são muito bom mesmo hein,, nossa senhora viu…

  17. lilsan54 Says:

    i got to out on the court with them at the beginning. It was awesome, one gave me his wristband thing.

  18. bakoagne Says:

    thay suck.. not fun at all:S sorry but.. not fun at all.

  19. metalpsalm Says:

    Yeah, top ten best things about America? Harlem Globetrotters is up there!

  20. o0DrunkenLee0o Says:

    gotta love this guy XD

  21. in2ennui Says:

    lol, how cute!

  22. zmtortola Says:

    Brazil loves Special K!

  23. Latimidi Says:

    hahahah hi kiss her xd xd

  24. abcdefghijklmnopako Says:

    gosh i cant stop laughing!
    so funny!!!!XD

  25. subglub Says:

    Harlem Globettroters são d+++

    os caras brincam de jogar basket

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