Getting Life Insurance If Your Are HIV Positive

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Many people feel that life insurance is at the top of their priority list, especially those who have loved ones who depend on them for their financial security. Life insurance policies offer comfort to those who want to make sure their dependants can survive after they are gone. Finding out you are HIV positive may make things harder when searching for a policy that will cover you now. Some life insurance companies will offer enough insurance to cover the cost of the funeral for someone who is HIV positive but there will be very few willing to offer lump sum payments to your dependants after you pass away.

You should look to see if you already have any policies in place that include death benefits and also to determine if they have any rider policies. You may have a life insurance policy through your mortgage on your home or even one that was offered as part of your employment package at your job. If you do have any policies in place keep them current, it is extremely important not to allow them to end as you may not be able to get them back with the HIV status.

Social security offers death benefits to your beneficiaries. Go to your local social security office and find out what the life insurance benefits are and make sure you have updated the information for the correct beneficiaries to get it. If any changes need to be made they will assist you on how to do this.

An attorney can be helpful to explain the death benefits that you have in place and to answer questions about beneficiaries and how they are to be paid after your death.

The human resources department at your job will be able to assist you with any programs or life insurance policies that they offer that may be available to you. Many employers will automatically have you insured through a group life insurance policy that pays out a certain percentage of your wages in the event of your death. These policies require no underwriting and no pre qualification. If you are not already a part of this program you can find out how to go about getting included in the policy. It is usually a very small amount paid directly from your paycheck.

If your job does not offer any type of life insurance policy with the employment benefit package you might consider finding a job that will. You could possibly earn less and you may not be doing what you were trained to do but having the peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for is worth it.

An HIV AIDS case worker will be able to help you find programs that you would be qualified for if you express your desire to obtain life insurance. Many insurance companies are beginning to include policies to HIV positive people since the effectiveness of the AIDS medications are far better and create a much longer life for the individuals.

You can find guaranteed life insurance policies from companies that will insure anyone. The premiums will be much higher on this type of policy and you can expect that the pay outs will be much less. Some insurance companies will only offer burial costs at an extremely high premium for terminally ill clients such as someone who is HIV positive.

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