Get Them to Say Yes to Your Internet Marketing Promotion

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When opening a discussion with others, get that other person in a positive and co-operative frame of mind before tackling more contentious issues. The way to this is to start off by concentrating on areas on which you know they are in agreement with you. This sets the tone for the discussion as a positive one. If the person starts off saying no to you it is very hard to get them off that negative track. They may feel later like agreeing with you by their ego and pride may prevent them from what they will see as a climb down. Getting them saying yes a number of times, creates a more accepting open attitude. They will be far more receptive to your ultimate proposal. This works wonderfully for me in the two main areas of my life, as a mother of two small children and as a leader on my home business online opportunity.

Once my children say no to me or refuse to do something I know I have a battle on my hands. Usually if I want them to do something I know they will resist, I point out the good parts first or the good thing we will be able to do once it is done. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry and I dona€™t take the time to be diplomatic, I end up spending far more time rectifying the situation than I would if I had dealt with it correctly in the first place. The lesson to be learnt is, take the time to prepare your approach to others. The time taken at this stage will be well worth it in the end, saving you time and frustration trying to bring back a prospect you have alienated. Never underestimate the power of those two little words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. To learn more tips and advice on and effective Internet marketing promotion.

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