Gerald Celente: Scenario set up for next war

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Gerald Celente: Scenario set up for next war Trends Journal: Twitter:

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  1. ionlythinkformyself Says:

    anyone who is ready to collectively make a stand, goto

    divided we are. wordpress . com

    spread this to anyone who is also ready to create this journalism 2.0 and begin a movement towards liberation.

    I need anyone who is a like mind, and ready to make the change we need.

  2. 001christmas Says:

    gerald know his stuff.

  3. lennyd77 Says:

    That lady wore at a hat out to lunch.

  4. NoLongerFooled Says:

    Her eyes look like almonds set at a radical angle.

  5. 12235117657598502586 Says:

    Hold on…Aren’t there already 2 wars going on?

    If Wikileaks hadn’t disclosed that the Saudi’s were trying to persuade the USA to attack Iran…Then maybe, America would be starting another war # 3!

  6. madmankitchen Says:



    @Jbarrtndrsr it is way beyond that, I have chossen by my free will to no longer consent to be governed by these FREAKS OF NATURE under statute rules of marine codes. I revoke my promise to them, as they have betrayed there oath to the people, promises it seems were meant to be broken..

  8. Jbarrtndrsr Says:

    @DIVERSITYRECESSION3 I agree, that the main paradigm of choices are horrid, if we are referring to republicrats and demopublicans, so the choice here is simple. If it has to be political, then choose common sense, with some research. I go with our constitution. It pretty much is that simple. Ron Paul being a republican, I would have to vote for him, as a constitutionalist. Then again, it’s all been screwed and nothing is as it used to be. Republicans used to stand for more. Now? Not very much.

  9. aluckyshot Says:

    @igorvasilevsky Chill out there, most Americans are good people just like the majority of people from Russia. You need to think out your world views a little, intelligent people realize that the ruling elite in every major country are corrupt to the bone and NOT representing the actual people.

  10. ishmahin Says:

    @unoitaliano SPOT ON!

  11. nas4x Says:

    @igorvasilevsky you are one dump ass its the central bankers that controll the money and using usa to look like the bad guy go do your home dump ass. Its all part of a plan to turn everyone againts another wake the fuck up.

  12. igorvasilevsky Says:


    I will kill you, bitches.

    Americans must die. Americans should not have its own country. NEVER. Because it always transforms into a global corporate dictatorship with purpose of destruction of humanity.

    USA = Fourth Reich = evil satanic freemasonic empire

    Americans = bacterias = scum = terrorists

    American virus need to be burned to the ground. Isolated and DESTROYED. Forever. Not like with Nazis, when they were transported in USA. But FOREVER!

  13. imgordonfreeman Says:

    @TheMightyLukas your right thats so freaking hilarious

  14. TheMightyLukas Says:

    its funny, because news reporters eyes go upwards and geralds eyes go downwards.
    lol, what a coincidence
    I bet these 2 were born for each other.
    just look at 0:13, lol

    anyways, regarding next war… I hope it never happens. If elites played game series Fallout or seen movie The Road… both things are very depressing. I cant imagine this becoming reality. We were lucky nazis had no nukes back then, or any other countries, if they had, we’d be fucked long time ago. But now… all countries do.

  15. AntiTrollGoesSmack Says:

    I refuse to go back and fight in the Jew wars. Too many American boys have died because Israel wanted to attack Iraq and Afghanistan….and Iran next. Fuck them.

  16. delyparker777 Says:

    Anybody who thinks that this is an accident is sadly mistaken. Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman know what they are talking about. I very highly recommend reading “Billions For The Bankers, Debts For The People” by sheldon Emry and “Economic Solutions” The Incredible Story of How You and America are Being Bankrupted and What You Can Do To Avoid The Wipeout” by Peter Kershaw.

  17. 407buddy Says:

    Non Compliance and Consumer Boycot is an effective form of protest. Protest with your wallet anytime you feel you have had enough.

  18. JoeJacari Says:


    Stock market fell big time today…

    What if Celente is right?

    I might have to eat my hat…

  19. fasteddie847 Says:

    Read this article. This is what Gerald is talking about. Squeeze the little guy while the big boys screw us and walk

  20. Burktholumue Says:

    @punkempireinterviews even then I don’t think its enough. but what more do you need we have a hurdling economic collapse with houses foreclosing and jobs being lost then, we have a figure like gerald celente yelling at us.. hey bro my advice take what you need now to prepare and build that shield so when the shit does hit, you will be able to cover yourself.. and if you live in america well i feel sorry for you then lol

  21. planetcave Says:

    As usual, the man is dead nuts on.

  22. Arakmatzu Says:

    As the Celente Anger meter goes up, the economy is in more trouble….

  23. Tonytime1 Says:

    Gerald still looks at peace with that smile. I believe that he is speaking the truth. Heck, I can see what is going on around me. I do not need a politician to explain to me what is really going on. Forgive me for repeating what has been said by many… WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION! THE DOLLAR WILL CRASH AND BE WORTHLESS SOON! THERE WILL BE CRIME, LAWLESSNESS AND REVOLT! Store food/water/medicine/seeds/guns/ammo now! Time is running out! Money in the banks will be WORTHLESS!

  24. areyouready22 Says:

    People are so blind and deaf by choice. By the time they start to open their eyes it will be too late to prepare for the inevitable. If we have half a brain we will start preparing now. Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. In that order! Good luck to you all.

  25. rover1991fn Says:

    the newscaster looks like a transsexual

    Russiatoday cant find pretty russians?

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