Gerald Celente on WikiLeaks – Cablegate

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Gerald Celente on WikiLeaks – Cablegate Trends Journal: Twitter:

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  1. medialiars2010 Says:

    Celente you are a fraud and a scumbag loser who steals the analysis of real experts. You will be exposed you scumbag loser!

  2. hamzah938 Says:

    @whateverujoke Those ‘white shoe’ boys really are the worst, but he true evirrrr incarnate is when they add the ‘white belt”. . . . . . I just go berzerk like Billy Jack.

  3. IntelArt Says:

    RIGHT ON Mr. Celent… Regards from wikileaks-com-br in Brazil

  4. Nimiichan Says:


    You would condemn a whole country because of the decisions their leaders made? How about those who didn’t vote or those who can’t vote because they’re too young? Your statement is absolutely insane and thoughtless.

  5. surcophniot28 Says:

    You reap what you sow. America deserves all the pain, agony, and death that’s coming to them. Sorry it’s just true. BY THE WAY WIKILEAKS IS A SCAM CREATED ON PURPOSE TO JUSTIFY WAR WITH IRAN AND CONTROL INTERNET WAKE UP

  6. swizzlecheeks Says:

    Its also an “excuse” for major censorship of the internet, which, the power elite want badly. They are trying to shut down freedom of truth brought on by alternative news. Nobody believes in the mainstream media whores anymore.
    -Daily Bell. com

  7. usergently Says:

    The NWO is going down so hard right now!

  8. whateverujoke Says:

    Freakin’ white shoe boyz

  9. Unerzogen Says:

    Wikileaks is a CIA -op. All he “leaked” supported the US Position. He leaked it to the biggest powerelite-hores in the universe of journalism. Assange is NOT against the wars, he just wants them to be “transparent” He is against 9/11 truth, which is indeed the acidtest for everybody ´s mindset. Does anybody belive, thet he would still be alive, if he was a real threat? Think about waht happened to the “real” threats… Why does Celente never mention the fact of false flag terror?

  10. Adelaidemark Says:

    This youtube video is worth watching. its a extradition lawyer talking about what the USA is up too. don’t loose the extradition to sweden because the US will take Julian Assange I think.

  11. ART1975CZ Says:

    @denverdog44 I UnSub

  12. alexomism Says:

    New Wikileaks?

    leaksmarket . org ?

  13. agenterx7 Says:


  14. kevinusma Says:

    So right about the Michael Jackson observation.

  15. jobedied Says:

    There is no journalism reporters are whores that spin their corporate pimps ideas.
    Pope Blitzer on CNN is a poster child for selling your skills and whoring your skills to hot house grown news.

  16. denverdog44 Says:

    Help CRASH JP MORGAN buy physical silver on Dec/0710

  17. denverdog44 Says:

    Celente is da man.

  18. ytgv3fc7 Says:

    @xwaystranger I think the problem is one of comprehension. A market crash measured in gold prices by 2011 is a real market crash. If the market is Dow = 20,000 and gold = 50,000 that is a market crash. That’s the real deal. The problem is, if Celente is right then a lot of fools will say there is no market crash in the precise conditions I just described but Celente will still be right.

  19. Dontvote1 Says:

    Gerald Celente couldnt be more right about this, to bad we dont have guys like him in our political circles.

  20. mcsteel77 Says:

    Billary Clinton is a useless WASP…die WASP, die!

  21. CelestialEmbodiment Says:

    Live as an individual and not as a congregant to a far-fetched, monkeyed philosophy.

  22. Xenthoid Says:

    hmm compare how Fox treats celente vs… RT treatment…

  23. TheyDidThis Says:

    @cmcphee IRS and CIA agents feeling there job on the brink.

  24. TheyDidThis Says:

    Wiki Leaks is CIA they release nothing people don’t really already know.
    The criminal bankers are doing to America what they did in Russia and many other countries. Steal all the gold you can than collapse the system and buy the country in full. Welcome to hell folks.

  25. cmcphee Says:

    There you go….another 1 moron thumbs down….who are these people?

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