Gerald Celente on Chuck Wilder Show – CRN 17 Feb 2011

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Gerald Celente on Chuck Wilder Show – CRN 17 Feb 2011 Trends Journal: Twitter:

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  1. FactualSolutions Says:

    @JobsAreSlavery – I understand your frustration – but do not worry – not everyone get the point of what the Zmovies show…for whatever reason.
    I see no problems in getting off the grid, stop paying bills we don’t have to once you detach from the system (fully or in part) – help other people to do the same and at the same time let them know about how the banks and government work to enslave us through debt, etc.
    It is not by chance we have “Z-day”….to inform people about these things

  2. JobsAreSlavery Says:

    I wasted the time to watch this POS called a movie. And, I do have my facts straight. Maybe you need to pull your head out and see the reality for what it is , not what you would like it to be.

  3. FactualSolutions Says:

    @JobsAreSlavery – kkkkkkkkkkkk – awesome assumptions pal – you just made my day 🙂 – i just love to see people’s projections about what TZM isn’t.
    Watch zeitgeist 3 and try to get the facts straight this time.
    Take care

  4. JobsAreSlavery Says:

    TZM is the NWO complete and total control over all resources and people, after the mass depopulation they want to see happen.

  5. FactualSolutions Says:

    The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) has been showing that we have the ability to generate energy, food, housing, health and education for everyone in the world, while, at the same time, we are able to ELIMINATE OUR ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS along with corruption, poverty, abuse of power, unemployment, social stratification, and other factors that hinder the life and sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants.To know more about it, watch: “Zeitgeist Addendum” – It is on youtube

  6. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @Evan20008 sooooo, you equate everything happening with the book of revelation,. you ever think that the mysterious book of revelation, that appeared out of nowhere, that was not in the original council of jerusalem. that has more fairy tale bullshit in it than the book of enoch. you ever think that the NWO made the book. and then is now using it to its advantage to bring abou chaos?

  7. Evan20008 Says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid So what… two thousand years later and the Book of Revelation and its prophecy’s are still intact and being fulfilled before your very eyes…

  8. Evan20008 Says:

    @poosta7 Man… SUCKS to be you… There’s a “special” fire for you, dude… Please repent because it doesn’t have to be that way…

  9. kylearsenault1 Says:

    world peace can only be achieved with love and nothing else

  10. poosta7 Says:

    Instead of being “born again” why not just grow up? If you must believe in magic, the tooth fairy etc. restrict it to your personal religious beliefs….and do not expand it into the economic and political arenas where the real world occurs.

  11. RoflmaoAtSheepeople Says:

    @goscott4 Keep yor mouth shut, you are worng this was just on the history channel last week.Make sure you do your home work! Youare always saying crap like this.

  12. goscott4 Says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid Ok, no problem…you want to point out some of the problems with this document, and YES, I myself have found many problems with it, BUT, the BIG ? is, regardless of how it came into print, is it the inspired word of GOD? Even if the document were a “fairy tale”, each of the characters in the entire 22 chapters has a psychological profile that can actually be identified though modern Forensic Psychology, which I base a lot of my own knowledge on in regards to it…Scott REV 18

  13. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @goscott4 right……you do realize that john of patmos has no historical record of ever existing, and the book of revalations was added at the council of nicea, and was not in the original council of jerusalem.

  14. goscott4 Says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid Quakes don’t bother me…:-)) My history of being in Quakes is as such; 1970 Northridge, 1989 Loma Prieata…I LOVE any movie with a Quake in it….REV 18:21

  15. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @goscott4 well then my libbby lib liberal friend, prepare yourself, because the USGS is reporting earthquakes in your zone.

  16. goscott4 Says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid Oh, I’m back in my home state CALIFUNNIA, and I live in the Central Valley.

    BTW here is some personal info that I want to offer; I’ve never had a Pass Port, and NEVER been out of the USA in 60years.

    Ahhh GrassHopper….Did I assume something? :-))

  17. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @goscott4 hey, Moron, thanks for assuming that i am not informed about this, and fighting ignorance and stupidity everyday on the interwebs, i am prepared for the worst but hoping for the best, i would be interested in where you live.

  18. goscott4 Says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid Hey Motown….the greedy bankers on Wall Street ate your slice of the American Pie a long time ago….the best you can do now is “don’t forget to duck! :-))

  19. Whitehorze Says:

    @PREPAREORSUFFER I read that book years ago…LOL…


    @Whitehorze …….READ THE DAMN BOOK BY JOHN PERKINS ( AN EX-CIA AGENT ) CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN !!! you think they only do drug trafficking ??? the question is WHY they NEED to traffick drugs and the answer is to FUND THEIR BLACK OPS you silly boy !!!

  21. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @ccasia2008 no, i`m american.

  22. Wyndstarthedruid Says:

    @goscott4 yayaya, we know, thanks for assuming a whole country, is a city, and thanks for assuming babylon=america, couldnt mean england, nahhhhh, the bastion of the NWO.

  23. ccasia2008 Says:

    Your crazy hahaha

  24. Whitehorze Says:

    @PREPAREORSUFFER LMAO… Ever heard of the KGB? Ever heard of Mossad? MI-6 ring a bell? You actually think China doesn’t influence and control it’s satelites? Please, The CIA is to busy making money off their drug trafficing to care what the rest of world is up to.

  25. mcap52 Says:

    @IgorVasilevskii Are those the only words in your vocabulary?? Oh wait….. you have selective memory!!!!! Everything your mother Russia has done is forgotten,but you have no problem recalling what other nations do. You really need to get a freaking clue,moron.

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