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In the world of computers, a GDI was always an acronym for ‘Graphics Device Interface’. The same letters are now shared with a company called Global Domains International and its .ws domain suffix. The owners of GDI are two self-made millionaires named, Mike Reed and Alan Ezeir, who saw a opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for internet domains around the world. They looked for a marketable domain suffix and found a small country in the Pacific Ocean called Samoa (occasionally spelt Somoa) which owned the rights to domain names ending in ‘.ws’. After talks with their government, an agreement was drawn up. The Samoans were astounded to see 15,000 new registrations in the first month, particularly as they take a percentage of all .ws sales. This was in November 2000, since when .ws has become a household expression in the internet world. Mike and Alan then proceeded to market their success as an MLM internet business which is being used successfully by thousands worldwide. The cost of $10 per month is an attractive proposition. You get all the usual accouterments for an internet business: your own personalized “.ws” domain name, up to 10 email addresses, the hosting for your domain, an autoresponder, a sophisticated back office, including videos for marketing. The compensation plan is in 2 parts and both go down to 5 levels. There is a 10% payout for your direct sales and those of your qualifying affiliates. In addition, there is a $100 bonus for signing 5 new affiliates in a weekly period, and more for each further 5 in that week. The diagrams of the downlines are well illustrated, and there is lots of emphasis on the small monthly fee and the income that can be earned if all goes according to the plan of a 5 times 5 series of downlines, producing $3005 per month. The marketing video is attractively produced, convincing and persuasive. In addition there is a free 7 day trial and cancellation at any time. All income and payments are though PayPal, and the information and websites are available in several different languages. Are there any drawbacks? Well, it’s an MLM system which is often perceived in peoples’ minds with negativity, frequently because they have tried one or more in the past and have, as the majority like them, failed. Unfortunately, the low cost, although an attractive selling point, can be counterproductive as it attracts non active members without the motivation to work hard and retrieve their outlay. There is no mention of the marketing costs which can prohibitive if a resource budget is not available. It is a well known fact that there will be a 70 to 80% rejection rate from their prospects, which the new affiliate will have to cope with. Like all internet businesses, it’s never as easy as the company advertising, and success takes a lot longer than the new members think. To be prepared to spend a lot more than you earn, which will be the case for most on starting, is not an easy situation to address. The compensation plan with its small commissions based on large numbers does not encourage a good sponsor mentoring relationship. Advice is available free of charge and at any time, so I feel that its value and that of the company training will be discounted. In conclusion, this is an attractive business proposition which has been well thought out and marketed. There is no doubt that large amounts of money can be made by experienced internet marketers who have a good list of contacts. For those with little or no experience of this form of business, the chances of success will be small; but maybe for $10 per month it’s worth a punt!

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