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Link From: Say goodbye to your Pension Funds for me, will ya! There are no “lost notes” ladies and gentlemen. Either: * The Trustee never got the notes, in which case he filed this certification and in doing so committed fraud upon the MBS investors, OR * The Trustee has the notes and doesn’t want to produce them because there is something in there that could lead to the foreclosure being dismissed (Eg TILA violations) or the Trustee being sued (eg he took the note even though it violated their representations and warranties relating to loan quality), in which case the fraud is upon the court in the instant case. Pick one, but either way someone has been defrauded. It is literally impossible for it to be otherwise. When will the damn media and prosecutors start STOMPING on this crap? -Karl Denninger:

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  1. Tubeusercomm Says:

    Want something real to bitch about:

    Youtube search: To rob a country, own a bank

    It’s by William K Black

    Banksters + Wall Street crooks run control frauds to loot banks and companies so they can get rich through bankruptcy as the loses are insured by the US government.

    The FBI warned of these problems and an economic crash in 2004.

    There has not been one arrest of these crooks responsible for the 2008 crash.

  2. PlainSight52 Says:

    @samadamspatriot It’s called the fast track to corporate fascism and communist slavery. soon they will allow mass chinese immigration to replace and kill us off just like they did in russia, germany, palestine etc..

    Judges have invested in the market, same judges are kicking families out on the streets. Anyone like me with the common sense and heart to speak out would call that a ‘CONFLICT OF INTEREST’

  3. TACMAN518 Says:

    Democrat and Republican is just a game they play.. There is little to no difference between them… Money talks and bullshit walks… See the movie “Inside Job”

  4. biospharms Says:

    Retired or soon to be retired persons need look into countries where the welfare system doesn’t exsist so the cost of living if fair. Biospharms are the most affordable way to live. When the gov workers pension crisis hits at 3 trillion and the world finds out we are BK. Biospharmers will be safely off shore

  5. gunner5050 Says:

    OK! Where the hell was Sen. Dodd when the republicans were trying to audit fannie mae and freddie mac back in 2006? He was one of the politicians stating that there was nothing wrong with these organizations and that everything was running smoothly. Bush should have never bought those contracts but of course the economy would’ve really crashed harder than what it did. I still think the economy crash was orchestrated by powerful people behind the scenes and it didn’t happen over night neither!

  6. gunner5050 Says:

    @Bezz80 Oh my gosh! Are youuuuuu forrrr realllllll!!!!! Wake up will you!! This isn’t about democrat vs republican. They make it sound like it is but behind the scenes they are in it for the money and power. Both parties do this sort of crap to screw the American citizen. Look at what they’ve done to social security, welfare, medicare, and medicaid. Please excuse my spelling. They have been doing this sort of crap for decades and it all started during the Wilson administration.

  7. samadamspatriot Says:

    @PlainSight52 ironic… people out on streets… but lots of vacant luxury homes held by banks with no tenants, huh?

  8. UnitedCorpOfAmerica Says:

    BS to cover up BS… any questions?

  9. wouldee5150 Says:

    they cannot put CDOs/CDSs?RMBSs back in the barn. They would all have to unwind. A real meltdown is ahead- something much worse than this bullshit- And obozo bought $1.25Trillionon bad RMBSs quietly…..which have lost 300B in the last few months. You, the taxpayer, are on the hook. GET IT YET?

  10. PlainSight52 Says:


  11. birdz16994 Says:

    So to put it in simple terms we are all FUCKED!


    fuck this guy he said its hard to say whether there is a bigger problem with the way these mortgages and the way they were packaged is hard to know what is going on, if he doesnt understand what is going on he should be thrown out of office for incompetence and or stupidity, why is he on the committee of anything overseeing anything, send this fucker home to NC and let him plant potatoes or something.

  13. gunner5050 Says:

    @Bezz80 Wake up fool! All our leaders in Washington are in it to line their pockets! The play act like they are either demo’s or repub’s but they are neither. They just want your vote to keep them in office so they can continue raping our country. Let’s vote these scum bags out!

  14. gunner5050 Says:

    @holt325 I agree with you 100%! These guys scratch each other’s backs. They are all in it to make money and screw the American citizen. Look at how they passed obamacare. Most Americans were against this thing. Europeans have been warning us but our leaders don’t pay attention. They’ve tried this already and it doesn’t work! Hopefully we’ll get the right people in office soon. If not, we’ll vote them out also. That’s all we can do anyway.

  15. holt325 Says:

    Stop with the demo’s goooood, repub’s baaad bullshit. Wake the fuck up! It’s the crooks period! How do you know when a lawyer (politician) is lying? His lips are moving.

  16. Bezz80 Says:

    @gunner5050 Umm are you real? Fannie and Freddie wern’t in trouble until Bush/Paulson bought all those shitty morgages, or threatened marshal law before the election, with the “bailout”. Were you born yesterday? or just an ignorant fool? I’ll match your YouTube search, with the one titled “Sucker Punched”. Bush one stole it through the S-n-L crisis and Bush two stole it through the common banks. Republicans are the thieves in this country and should be jailed, i’d prefer to just hang them.

  17. gunner5050 Says:

    Search youtube for “Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis …”

    These democrats should be in jail!

  18. PhotonDrive Says:

    How could the States go all this time – through MILLIONS of foreclosures, without insisting on the original deed – that requiered registration & gave them fees? Empty houses don’t pay property taxes? So are States actually stepping back from Bankruptcy by nulifying fraudulent foreclosures? Solvent citizens pay more sales taxes too!

  19. SourceCodeSynergy Says:

    Anyone, anyone who has or is undergoing foreclosure should talk with a lawyer and look at getting a 100% cash deal back, in fact as for your settlement in Gold/Silver. The US dollar is tanking. DO NOT take the house back! Move on.

    Any lawyer working on contingency fees will line up as many foreclosure clients as they can. Banks and Lawyers have one thing in common “Greed”. Let them kill each other, and the poor home owner can walk away with a little Gold in their pockets.

    Should be fun.

  20. yaplonglong Says:

    @yaplonglong – Continues…. This is one giant PONZI scheme that pales Bernie Madoff to a whiter shade of pink; not in billion… in trillions. Keep slugging away you and I are part of the grind.

  21. yaplonglong Says:

    401 K goes up in smoke!

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