Fox News Dishonest Editing of Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu?

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20 MORE examples of Fox News biased video editing at Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve Goodwin Liu at OVER 100 MORE examples of Fox News Bias at Dishonest video editing, namecalling, and personal attacks were all tools used by Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” last week to smear the good name of Prof. Goodwin Liu, President Barack Obama’s well qualified nominee to be a judge for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as I show in this video. The clip of Bill O’Reilly accusing Jon Stewart of taking clips out of context comes from my previous video titled “Fox News Edits Out Jon Stewart Beating Bill O’Reilly?” that you can see at The image of my “Fox News Bias in its Video Editing” playlist comes from the YouTube playlist page at The clips I use of Bill O’Reily and Megyn Kelly discussing Prof Goodwin Liu come from a segment on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” broadcast April 1, 2010, a full copy of which is available on Media Matters’ website at The clips I use of Prof. Goodwin Liu appearing on a 2008 PBS panel discussing the film “Traces of the Trade” comes from video available online at The images I use of Prof, Goodwin Liu’s resume comes from the UC Berkeley Law School webpage at And, finally, the image I use of contact information for the Senate Judiciary Committee comes from the webpage at

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  1. punkofdeath Says:

    “kill your television” stop the brain wash

  2. murray3457 Says:

    You liberals are all idiots!

  3. mgallant01 Says:

    @jamester420 SOUR GRAPES!! HAHAHH! Fox is STILL number one ! LIKE THAT DO YA!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jamester420 Says:


    Translation into proper English: I have no valid or logical way to disprove the obvious bias shown in the above video display. However, Fox News (my preferred news outlet), now obviously shown to be deceptive in nature, is still “winning” at T.V. As such I, as a viewer, am also “winning” and anyone who does anything else, is “losing”. I will now begin my winning chant. U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!…

  5. megarational Says:

    @mgallant01 Your comment was the perfect example of the average intelligence of a Fox Fiction fan.

  6. AGrandt Says:

    @mgallant01 That may be, but that doesn’t make them honest, fair or balanced.
    Fox News are dishonest to the extreme, and that that many people still watch them and rely on them for their information is scary, to put it mildly.

  7. mgallant01 Says:


  8. mattholtmeyer22 Says:

    This video completely demonstrates exactly why americans should be less worried in classifying themselves to the left or right, (which you have completely done by the title of your video series) but deciding issue by issue which solution is constitutional and meets United States standards. When thinking is generalized in anyway (Right Left Up or Down, I dont care) information is skewed. All I’ve seen on these videos is inappropriate information degrading all conservatives.

  9. GeorgeKPatton Says:

    Good video but the part where oreilly says “dude might as well be in Havana” was not saying he’s not American like the author of video says. He was referring to his politics. “he’s so far to the left he oughtta be in Havana” that part the author is misrepresenting.

  10. 1412Detective1412 Says:

    It is rather sad that we can’t truly rely on these news networks that many others look on to. The internet’s credebility has been put to question and now so has the media’s. I guess my point is that you can’t always believe everything you hear, see or even read.

  11. PeterChaoNation Says:

    @Pittsburgharea i think you’re being sarcastic? i can’t tell.

  12. 407buddy Says:

    Don’t get pissed, get even.
    Critical mass non-cooporation is making the shadow elite sweat, they are running scared, their Bilderberg plan is not working (out), fuck them, quit paying one red cent to bank credit cards, quit paying for inflated mortgages, quit buying crap, quit working your ass off for shit wages in a shit job, non-cooporation is effective peacefull dissent, now lets see who’s got who really by the fucking balls.

  13. jymbo1969 Says:

    @CarringtonVilla There is no hell… fool.

  14. ASeventhSign Says:

    I have no love for Bill O’reilly, but Liu has consistently supported reparations. Don’t be afraid to admit that reparations are needed “to make things right”. You’re trying so hard twist facts that we as liberals believe.

  15. Kigger Says:

    great job man!

  16. gargamel6699 Says:

    “Fox news tells the whole truth”…
    I’m pretty sure you’re joking. If you are serious, and would actually say this, especially on a video like this, you are as retarded as they come.

  17. garavo1 Says:

    excellent video.

  18. ringmaster316ms Says:

    question 1: no i wont, because im not a big fan of wasting my time. bill knows he bullshitted us already

  19. xBuscopanx Says:

    @Pittsburgharea uhm, you watched this video right?

  20. Pittsburgharea Says:

    Fox News is the only news network that tells you both sides. They tell the WHOLE truth.

  21. robertwc82 Says:

    @chrisdean16 you are suffering from brainwashing, turn off the TV and get back in touch with reality

  22. robertwc82 Says:

    dont watch this, just trust fox to do your thinking for you and tell you what your opinions are

  23. 3Storm Says:

    @chrisdean16 Have you heard, Fox News Edited the applause out of Obama’s speech, even more interesting are the parts of the speech they chose to edit. By the way i’m not a “Leaner” meaning super Rep or Dem. I’m an independent.

  24. chrisdean16 Says:

    The only network that isn’t biased is Fox. I watch Fox for the truth! I’m for the person, not the party! Libs like you obsess on placing focus on twisting crap, not the truth. You claim ALL dems are altruistic and have no agendas and ONLY want what’s best for our Nation. Fox and Repubs are evil and spread hate. Is what you’re doing spreading peace? With help from the liberal media except Fox, most dems tell us what we want, not the truth! Then blame Repubs when things go bad. And it works!

  25. jsullivan80 Says:

    I grew out of my Fox news phase years ago

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