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Hey everybody, for this video I concentrate on the Euro USD but this analysis could be adjusted to virtually any USD pair. In short I’m looking to sell back the dollars we just bought. Good luck!! David Pegler

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  1. campodetrading Says:

    great video D. 160 -170 pips to the upside… you really have a cristal ball. Cheers. Have a good one!!

  2. permanent222 Says:

    perfect , got down to 1.3698, then came back

  3. jfvelas1 Says:

    thank you

  4. TheMart58 Says:

    Thank you David, I like your way of thinking abut the entry area vs. entry point. I am working on separating entries ( entry zone) and ( entry point). Seems easy, but in real time not very.

  5. nafooesi Says:

    Thanks Dav

  6. MoreYummy Says:

    Whre is your blog?

  7. b2fnow Says:

    Thanks for the video, David. When would you call it a trend change? All intraday charts of the EUR/USD have broken a month-long Uptrend Line. Do you wait for the daily MACD or Stochastics or something? Looks to me like the daily chart Broadening Top formation (Double Top, break, and New (insignificant) High, and decline back through the break is a completed topping pattern on the daily chart.
    After such a huge decline today we have to expect a bounce, but the trend is now down. Isn’t it?

  8. countvonaltibar Says:

    great analysis as ever, thanks!

  9. norbi2k Says:

    thank you

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