FOREX Training Course – lesson 1 : (Setting up your charts)

Pin It This is a video overview of how to set up your charts in MT4 (meta Trader 4) using EMA’s (Exponential moving average), candle sticks & MACD. My trading strategy is based on simple concepts and expert indicators designed to highlight the high probability trades.

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  1. goatiez Says:

    Thanks a lot man… Its really help..

  2. NathanielHarman Says:

    Good video easy to follow thanks!!!

  3. ukppeters1971 Says:

    Great tutorial easy to follow keep up the good work. p.s Thanks for the MACD file

  4. reenamathur Says:

    what is this period when you choose for moving average?

  5. BlurryLife Says:

    Thanks man I will see others of your videos.

    Regards 🙂

  6. kdx205 Says:

    Thanks for the video’ greatly appreciated. Can I ask why you use EMA as opposed to SMA, also when you added the MACD indicator I noticed it was’nt default unless I’m wrong can you clarify this and give the settings plz, Many thanks

  7. sl0wik78 Says:

    Thank you for the Lessons, they are great!
    Good luck, Sion.

  8. me2995 Says:

    Send an email to Sion, he’ll send you the file.

  9. jeberly898 Says:

    A very informative video.

  10. calderone4x Says:

    Too bad you don’t have a chat room so we could discuss the trades as they happen. Maybe you should consider it? A++

  11. gigibastar Says:

    where i find this MACD_Colored???

  12. cosminb86 Says:

    I know Phillip was using an 89 SMA, but I see you’re using an 89 EMA and there is a bit of a difference between the two.

    Any insight into why you prefer the EMA to the SMA?

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