Forex Trading – Timing Entry

Pin It A technique to time your entry to the market using a wave count, Bollinger bands and MACD or an Elliott wave oscillator.

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  1. forexinfousa Says:

    @marque1999 Also, I don’t see the US economy as improving for quite a long time. Interest rates could remain stagnant for a few years.

  2. forexinfousa Says:

    @marque1999 No. I’m an Elliott wave trader and the Elliott wave principle is mutually exclusive to a fundamental approach.

    I live in NZ which you would probably consider a ‘socialist’ country although I see it as fairly conservative. I find from my removed point of view it funny that Americans think socialist countries cannot do better than the USA. I think Denmark, Sweden, Norway (3rd richest in world) & Finland (which managed to produce Nokia) just to name a few would also find that funny.

  3. marque1999 Says:

    Hi have you any thoughts on the fundamentals which support the long term bullishness on the dollar?
    1) Traditionally, the democrats would reduce the trade deficits.E.g. Bill clinton?Heard that the The Times Square Debt Clock(deficit clock) was put up since ’08.
    2) Interest rates is at record low. the only direction it will go it UP, after the economy improve.3) The heaviest weighted currency in the dollar index is euro. I cant see how a somewhat socialist countries doing better than the U. S.

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