Forex Robot Software – Fulfilling 2 Needs.

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Forex traders use, broadly, 2 types of software to help them trade. Depending on the needs of the trader, the 2 types of software will be of use to some and not to others.

Need #1: You know Forex well, have your own strategies and would not be seen dead using a robot trader. You like to implement your own strategies.

In this case if you decide to use a computer program at all, it will be one that allows you to implement your own trading decisions. Some robot Forex trading systems (computer software systems) allow you to choose you own entry and exit points based on the trading signals provides to you by the robot. This type of program automates your trading method and strategy. You need a lot of knowledge and experience and a great deal of spare time for this type of program to work effectively.

Need # 2:  Before today, you thought Forex was an Australian beer.

In this case, there is a forex trading robot available that is designed to pick the ideal entry and exit points in a market, and also open and close the trades with your broker – all done automatically on your behalf. It’s called Fapturbo. The Fapturbo program will do all the trading for you. Install and set up is simple, lie most computer programs and getting a broker account is all automated so that you are quickly in a position to trade 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It never gets sick!

It will apply certain rules (its trading strategies) in the way that computers are famous for, that is to say, quickly, repetitively, reliably and unemotionally. Fapturbo will work across multiple currencies which you will be glad of when you become more familiar and confident.

The Fapturbo Trading Strategy:


The Fapturbo system utilises 2 trading strategies:


  1. The Scalping System – this is a short term trade which involves taking small profits, and taking them often. Using a 15 minute chart, FAP Turbo scalper trades EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF and USD/CAD. Unlike a traditional scalper which does high volume of small trades around the spread, FAP Turbo scalper aims to make 1 – 5 trades per day using a tight profit target of 6 to 15 pip.


  1. The longer term method involves trades on a 4 hour (or longer) time frame, then holding onto those positions for bigger profits.


By the way, you can run both these strategies at the same time to maximize your potential profits, and spread the risk between the two trading methods.


Fapturbo is the most widely used online robot forex trader It’s hard to imagine that the thousands of people using Fapturbo do so because they love trading unprofitably. FAP Turbo is not massively popular for no reason. Making money is what trading the forex is all about.

Run FAP Turbo in demo mode using pretend money until it has proven itself to you and is trading profitably for you.

Your investment in the product purchase is protected by an iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee. To get a full review of FAP turbo and to download the product visit

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