Foreclosures: Killing middle class dreams

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People in Riverside, California have stopped using electricity and other utilities because they can’t afford the skyrocketing prices. Banks are taking the homes off of the market and then not putting them into their inventory, making it tougher on the people trying to afford their mortgages. According to our guest George Hemminger, 25% of the people in Riverside are squatting in their own houses.

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  1. Mojo3192 Says:

    G4T is a Scammer in my opinion. Look it up, although he has tried to cover his tracks by deleting videos, and accounts, but there are plenty of vids here on youtube showing G4T for what he is.

  2. sov19871987 Says:

    This is absurd. RT just can’t find normal people to interview, so they use those idiots.

  3. ThePrezidentialbey Says:


  4. 7711jimmy Says:

    I now live on a 26′ boat. It sucks but it is better than living in a jeep. I paid $3000 for the boat over a year. I pay $250 a month in rent – it is cheaper than a camper/campground. I’ve noticed an increase in my neighborhood, even “rich” people are long faced like me. Americans please recognize before we’re all screwed.

  5. qwertypoiu4321 Says:

    Class warfare is just an empty misdirection to demagogue the poor and promote coercion.

  6. wuddychunk1 Says:


    Visionvictory is the same. He blocked my comments

  7. captnkurt83 Says:

    @wc02 you only see what you want.

  8. bigzion1 Says:

    this man needs to shut up for the middle class huh ride all day its about time you feel what the slaves in america have been putting up with for over 400 yrs and you people expect to come here flip houses shop till you drop and sex like a horny swinging daemon huh time is up for you clean cut clean talking pin instead of the sword fake civilians of pleasure. all need to loose jobs until the last is firs and the first last. i’m tired of never succeeding in a world of middle class bailouts.

  9. parsleysprigs Says:

    @SouthernKudzu my grandmother is being cut of social security that is owed to her and she had one of these so called government jobs working for the schools. it doesn’t matter where you work the government is going to tax you and fuck you. the money they take from you doesn’t help the economy it just disappears.

  10. Rob24643 Says:

    dan also dont forget we are also heading for a world government.

  11. danmarino1970 Says:

    @wc02 people try to live in denial..maybe as a defense mechanism..i don’t know..people especially here in the U.S. are asking themselves “how did this ever happen to us?” the truth is, our government for over 40 years have been hijacked bif big corporate interest, the military industrial complex, and the bankers (both domestic and international)..we have to face facts..our manufacturing base is GONE..small businesses GONE therefore no economy. fact: we’re headed for the greatest depression yet.

  12. tommytowne Says:

    I live in riverside and my lights are on. So are all my neighbors, friends and family. I have not heard any of this before. I smell bullshit

  13. birdz16994 Says:

    In my opinion, the reason the economy is bad because we do not manufacture nothing in the USA, all jobs went overseas, and now we are owned by japan.

  14. JP5466 Says:

    WTF? The biggest You Tube asshole is on TV!

  15. excaliburdd Says:

    you can find george ebegging on youtube …freakin free loader

  16. tigranvartanovitch Says:

    “A tsunami of bad news.”

  17. Ventorez Says:

    @wc02 absolutely John Lebed was almost indicted for stock market fraud cept he was like 15 or something hes just pulling the same scan jumping on the gold bug bandwagon fuck these guys

  18. DIJV79 Says:

    This guy is right I live right next to Riverside in in San Bernardino unemployment is well past 15% and keeps on getting worst, the second foreclosure wave is coming if your house isn’t paid off hold on tight.

  19. 2bprudent Says:

    those in the next city & next country. You only speak on the good at the expense of those who are loosing out because maybe you still have your home w/ electricity flowing thru your outlets. Dont feel so comfortable just yet. And while you at it tell the city officials that seem to be so careless to give the gov a big thanks for creating a global banking system that has their own laws that the U.S will be forced to abide by, that even they will be become the pedalstool that gov will step on

  20. 2bprudent Says:

    We all must say something fishy is going on here. And the fact that it is increasing should keep many praying. And I am talking about some serious prayer. They are causing a disaster that they are counting on to destroy the earth. Anyone can talk about George but its now b4 the faces of all to see. This is not about George, its a fact that many r squating & living n tents. And if any American try to down play that then when it hits you don’t cry foul play. Just keep telling of the good of

  21. gilyardk Says:

    @wc02 NOT Trolling
    Please elaborate.

  22. shrump87 Says:

    @wc02 You’re 1000% CORRECT, this guy is total scammer, along with the other poster boys of I mean what credentials does this guy have?? He’s just a popular doom and gloom youtuber, now he’s on local news? Pffft. Guess they were desperate.

    Plus I can’t even count the number of times he’s deleted “REAL” comments on his channel including mine – total shit-snake

  23. saintveil Says:

    Spirits incarnate, living as humans in our midst; moving openly and freely, yet undetected by the masses, or even their hosts. Like the spasms of a decapitated body, the fact of the matter, thats precisely what it is; if you really think about it. Their illusions are many, which overtake the sleepwalking masses. Now know that they do take flesh and walk among men, to mold a new species. Die young and stay pretty. It’s just a message for the stoke: SaintVeil

  24. saintveil Says:

    Payback, vengeance, or is it divine justice; that the Euro will soon replace the dollar on the global stage. Jobs and corporations fled overseas to beat the dollar and taxation, which means that Wall Street and the DOW have dug their own graves (ours too). For it is written, “”God taketh the wise in their own craftiness (he causes them to defeat themselves). Again, the Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.”” 1st Corinthians 3:19-20

  25. SouthernKudzu Says:

    @sonofaglitch2 No kidding. I agree.

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