Foreclosures Continue to Rise

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The number of US homes lost to foreclosure surged in July, another sign lenders are moving quicker to take back properties from homeowners behind in payments. (Aug. 12)

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  1. ThePrezidentialbey Says:


  2. heartlessvietboy Says:

    LOL. The Africans don’t look weak. They get even more angry when they are hungry.

  3. Tressco Says:

    Empty stomachs r 2 weak 2 revolt.
    Right-Left/Reps-Dems/citizens-imigrants…individualize your ppl. 4 them 2 see mo differences than similarities amongst each other; divide the populace 2 avoid unity/protest/syst. change.
    ‘2 achieve world govmnt, it’s necssry 2 remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty 2 family trdtn, natinl patriotism & religious dogmas. If it can’t b done gently, it may have 2 b done violently.”
    – G. Brock Chisholm, “The Re-Establishment of Peacetime Society”

  4. heartlessvietboy Says:

    What does JP Morgan mean when he says people without homes will not quarrel with their enemies. What does he mean by the common herd and by dividing the people?

  5. Tressco Says:

    “People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capitalism to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd.”
    – J. P. Morgan

  6. 88888FORCE Says:

    Georgia ninth for July foreclosure rate
    August 12 ,2010 The Peach State notched the ninth-highest rate of foreclosures in July, RealtyTrac reported Thursday. Georgia had 12577 foreclosures, or one for very 320 households.
    Video: Foreclosures Continue to Rise
    Miss. being spared brunt of foreclosure crisis

  7. torak101 Says:

    Here is the thing, we and to a lesser extent any western nation are not going to pull out of this because the energy market is changing behind the scenes.

    The wars are a short sighted result of that. Resource wars (all wars are resource wars) are only going to intensify especially for the US as we are totally unwilling to let go of OIL.
    The EU has been preparing for decades and weening themselves off as much oil as possible and developed a conservitive energy attitude.

  8. fog0death Says:

    @LAWMANrackofribs They aren’t recovering, they aren’t letting themselves recover. They keep printing more and more money and keep waging wars and building their empire.

  9. classc63 Says:

    Yup! Got my papers 5 days ago…….”sigh’

  10. PumaM90 Says:

    yup the economy in USA is garbage right now… at least in my area it is.

  11. LAWMANrackofribs Says:

    I don’t know the situation here in the UK, but it seems over in the US everyone is getting hit in some way or another by the recovery.

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