Foreclosure Testimonial – Mortgage Processor Loses Home Despite Knowing How to Keep It

Pin It http Homeowners 4 Hope is an organization that is trying to keep families in their homes and avoid foreclosures. Frustrated by the lack of effort on the part of large banks to restructure loans Homeowners 4 Hope launched as a grass roots campaign to unite homeowners and send a message to congressional members and banks that more needs to be done to make banks work with home owners and via restructuring loans. In this video a mortgage processor tells how she was thrown out of her home despite knowing how to file the necassary paperwork to keep it. The banks would not help her keep her home. If you have a foreclosure story you would like to share visit website or . This video was shot during a no more forclosure rally at Chase bank in downtown San Diego.

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  1. CreditRep1 Says:

    wow…That is sad! We all need to wake up!

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