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Pin It – Avoid a foreclosure on your credit report, short sale your home and save your credit Part 8 – Ok, so that is good to know, I know there are people who want to try and do that and I really dont know. I am really a full time mortgage professional, I didnt get into the loan modification business on purpose, we write mortgage loans, real estate loans for residential and commercial, so therefore I dont know your laws on the same token you dont do loan modifications and you dont write loans, youre professional realtor. Exactly, and one more thing, bottom line is you cant be defrauding the bank. Because then youre stepping into mortgage fraud, as you know. You do have to have a hardship, you honestly do have to show, if youre going to be benefiting from staying in the home, you have to show a hardship that you cant afford the current payment. If youre making a couple hundred thousand a year and have a ½ million in the bank and owe $200000 the bank isnt on your side in that case. There are a lot of situations though when a homeowner wants to stay in their home, if that is the case, then we market it to investors, because there is a lot of the people who are buying these homes so we work with the investor and we work out the lease amount and the homeowners can stay in their homes in those situations. Whatever it looks like at the end of the day, the homeowner needs to picture where they are going to be in the short term midterm and long term and

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