Foreclosure Auction in Hilo, Hawaii

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This video depicts the live foreclosure auction conducted at the state building on January 14th, 2008 in Hilo, HI. The property sold for more than I had budgeted, $139000.00 which was the price I was willing to pay based upon; profit, escrow fees, title fees, junk fees, rehab cost, and holding costs. We are actively looking for distressed properties to purchase in Hawaii and welcome inquiry’s. Thanks- SDG

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  1. charlesmoor Says:

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  2. Kelamomi Says:

    Im Looking for a foreclosure in Honolulu do you have any in Honolulu?

  3. 69oldcat Says:

    Oh yeah. Lot of them live on the beach as beach combers.

  4. nickcage63 Says:

    are there homeless people in hawii?

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