For Business Insurance Claims, You Need A Professional On Your Side

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There are certain weighty nouns most of us might associate with the events (fire, flood, theft etc) likely to prompt an insurance claim: nightmare, tragedy, trauma, anger, exasperation, indignation … Too often unfortunately, most of them also apply to the process of making a claim itself.

This is because as soon as you launch a claim the insurance company, or more accurately the loss adjustor they employ to bring down the value of your claim, basically becomes your adversary. Their job is to treat you with courtesy and understanding – and shaft you to the max!

The adjustor is an insurance pro who knows all there is to know about insurance contracts and what they mean. Whereas you, unless you’ve worked in insurance, probably know close to nothing. Bamboozling Joe Public is like shooting a fish in a barrel for the loss adjustor and this is why, especially for insurance claims, it is worth considering the services of a loss assessor.

A loss assessor is also an expert in insurance claims, but he works for you. If your claim is going to be substantial, the call to an assessor should be the second one you make, after the one to the emergency service. An assessor can also step in when your claim is well advanced but being challenged by the insurers. The assessor will handle every part of the claim for you. They will advise you as to how the business claiming insurance process will proceed and where it might be contested. They will oversee all the forms and the correspondence, negotiating directly with the loss adjustor to ensure you get the best payout you could hope for. They will also take care of any emergency repairs to your business or your home that may be necessary.

The assessor’s fees – a percentage of the final payout – will invariably be covered by the increase in the premium they secure on your behalf. The assessor’s impact does not rest merely on their knowledge, but also on the psychological message their involvement sends to the loss adjustor, who is likely to want to quickly reach a settlement and move on to easier opposition.

The anger you feel towards the criminal who broke in, at the storm or the flood or the fire, that’s unavoidable. Feeling furious towards the guy in the Vauxhall Corsa with the cheap suit is something you can avoid however – by calling in a loss assessor. The right loss assessor will steer you calmly through your claim, ensuring that you get fair treatment from your insurance company.

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