First-Person Project: The Uprising – Part 1

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A law-disobeying citizen arriving at City 17 finds himself joining the infamous Resistance group, which is a team of citizens fighting against the Combine, who are in control over the city. In this episode, we see the protagonist refusing to obey an officer’s orders, and resists the arrest of in-pursuit Combine guards. He stumbles into an abandoned building and right before a group of officers apprehends him, two Resistance members come to his rescue. The members lead the protagonist to an underground hideout, where one of many sections of the Resistance team hide down in. Our protagonist is informed about the situation reguarding leaving the city via the trainstation, and find White Forest outside of City 17, which is a Resistance base that contains the needs to destroy and put an end to the Combine once and for all. This is a fight for freedom. This is a war for independence. This is The Uprising. ——————— Enjoy the first part of the mini first-person action series. Be sure to check back on updates on upcoming videos, as well as the parts following this one! ******All credits will be contained at the end of the series*******

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  1. 0XSpartaX0 Says:

    Can someone tell me where he got those skins from??

  2. blargggggggg4567 Says:

    Lol its like a mod for mirrors edge

  3. albertovillagrana Says:

    best action ever AWSOME !!!!

  4. xVNuKEVx Says:

    96 people are combine.

  5. mic7reaper Says:

    epic! and lol at the farcry instincts music xD

  6. Tetrisnintendo121 Says:

    One word. AWESOME

  7. ThriiworksStudios Says:

    what programm are you using?

  8. 1commandomidnight Says:

    this is like half life mixed with the fcking bourne Identity!

  9. Nikobelico1 Says:

    lol is desmond use the animus 2.1

  10. Kile1592 Says:

    9:28 Is that Marcus Fenix?

  11. KaDeR23100 Says:

    5:10 good guy dies for freedome


    i saw the x on the cop. thumbs up if u did too.

  13. bentleyphilic Says:

    this is awesome

  14. Umger76 Says:


  15. randomuploader12 Says:

    mirrors edge meets half life XD

  16. Ziggylata Says:

    96 people didn’t see the welcome message from Dr. Breen.

  17. Ziggylata Says:

    96 people think City 17 is safer.

  18. Ziggylata Says:

    96 people saw the X on the combine and voted thumbs down because they saw it.

  19. jeckote Says:

    wow this is so nice animated 😀 all tose moving and fighting

  20. kingofspades2point0 Says:

    @MeSatanAndJesus ikr? im waiting to get mockingjay, the third book

  21. Corhunger Says:

    It would be awesome if I could see something when they are fighting.

  22. MeSatanAndJesus Says:


  23. MeSatanAndJesus Says:

    @kingofspades2point0 Love that book 🙂

  24. areachfan099 Says:

    thumbs up if you think half life 2 should have been like this

  25. AJIuK1 Says:

    just like Half life 2 Realistic Speed run 😀

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