First Outsourcing Project as a Freelancer.

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During my college life, I have heard about freelancing, freelance, outsourcing, BPO, IT words first time. I was not aware about that after few years; I have to deal in IT, BPO industry. I have got my first job as an internet marketer, you can say it SEO, ink builder also. During internet marketing I had generated lot many business for that company. Finally I am getting more and more experienced in internet marketing field. Now I am enough capable to generate business for anyone for any of website. I really worked hard to reach at such a destination. I was quite confident on my data entry, data processing, data conversion, link building, web development and SEO skills.

Then I was planning do generate some good business for me to work as a freelancer. I have created my own website, and promote that website to generate link building, seo, data entry, data conversion, data processing projects. After short span of time, my site gets rank well in major search engine and I started to get some good and targeted web traffic as well inquiry. I had also gone for the web research on getafreelancer, I send business proposals to many offshore clients.

I got some great responses from offshore service buyer, but not finalize any single projects. I worked hard and tried to convince and build up trust on service buyers and finally I got the first project of link building as a freelancer. I was too much happy when I got first projects as a freelancer. I really worked hard on that projects, completed that link building data entry project before committed time frame and I got some good bonus amount also. The happiest thing was, I got two more order after sending my first projects reports. B’ze the reason was, I have really worked hard and provided great detailed report. This way I had worked as a freelancer on my first project by getting buyer from GAF.

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Harsh Modi is internet marketer and also writes article on outsourcing projects, data entry outsourcing, outsource web 2.0 development, iphone development etc.

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