First Direct Mortgages

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Mortgages are important if you are looking to procure a property.First Direct mortgages come in a wide range for the customer’s satisfaction. This firm gives importance to the customer’s satisfaction therefore it is important for you to understand the regulations of the mortgage offered.The company offers two types of mortgages, repayment mortgage and offset mortgage.   The rates are fixed or tracker with choices for long or short term payment. First Direct mortgages are affordable depending on your need for security.


Repayment mortgage at the First Direct mortgages comes with a direct capital repayment of loan to cover both, the interest and a part of your capital pay back.This plan will enable you to pay back all your debts in full no matter how long the term of your payment is.If you opt for this particular type of payment, your monthly payment would be unlimitedly overpaid for the First Direct mortgages.However, while choosing the interest rates you need to be careful to read the fine prints to check out if there’s a possibility of early repayment. First Direct mortgages are secured with full repayment and has the minimum amount of £10,000. You have a repayment term of two to forty years with the necessity of having a current 1st account with First Direct.

First direct mortgages also offers offset mortgage which is fully based on interest to assist you to gain more from the money you pay.

  The offset mortgage offered by First Direct mortgages is based on interest which will help you to earn from your payment. Offset mortgages are offered to balance the interest you are required to pay for your mortgage with the interest you would earn from your savings. To get this mortgage, you need a 1st account from First Direct which will generate the interest from which your mortgage interest will be deducted from. This money which is the credit interest from your savings is tax free. One also has a chance for unlimited payments on the mortgage taken from First Direct mortgages. Early payment without any extra charges is also available for this mortgage depending on the interest rate chosen. With the maximum validity from two till twenty five years, First Direct mortgage has the minimum offset value of £30,000 for customers.There are further details if you’re looking to choose the offset mortgage, consult the First Direct firm.

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