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Small businesses are having a tough time locating any commercial office space, let alone an cost-effective Executive Suites In San Francisco. With all the recent increase in commercial space leases by large tech companies like Salesforce’s January 2012 rental arrangement at 50 Fremont St for 400,000 sq. feet for the following 18 years (at a cost of $339 million bucks) it is easy to determine why startup office space is hard to find.

It is possible to search the net for commercial leases in San Francisco or have a realtor look for commercial real estate in San Francisco, but what you are likely to find is little, unfurnished, un-manned office space at an average cost anywhere from $60 to $90 for every sq. foot. For a small business the rent by itself could bankrupt it before the business ever employed a receptionist or bought furniture.

Shared offices, virtual offices and business centers are popping up everywhere. You will find Internet businesses that call themselves virtual offices, but all they do is field your calls and send them to voice mail. Clearly this can be one thing just about anybody can do. Small businesses and startups need far more than just an answering service. Most want a real space with real folks meeting their customers at the front desk. The solution is looking for an executive office suite with various service alternatives, office spaces and lease options.

One Business Center In San Francisco which has all that you need, and some things you hadn’t thought of, is Bay Area Executive Suites. This isn’t a fly by night company, they have been providing commercial office space and shared office spaces in San Francisco since 1979. They’ve weathered far more than one economic downturn and understand what hard economic times mean for small businesses.

Since 1979 they have assisted businesses like yours, and also larger ones find the best solutions and space. Probably you have heard of a little organization named Virgin America (TM)? When they were looking for commercial offices in the Bay Area, they went to Bay Area Executive Suites for help. At the time Virgin(TM) was still a somewhat small organization, clearly not seeking the monetary risk of a permanent space, just yet, they began with two offices. Over 18 months their needs grew to include 5,000 sq. feet of office space. Every single time Virgin(TM) needed more area and more solutions; Bay Area Executive rose to the occasion. During this time, while the men and women at Virgin(TM) were busy developing the airline, the folks at the business center were fielding calls, providing conference rooms for conferences, assisting with mail and connectivity while keeping the offices furnished, clean and up and running. Virgin America’s(TM) good results was largely because of the ability to focus on developing the business while someone else took care of the peripheral office business, that someone being Bay Area Executive Suites.

If the likes of Virgin American(TM), American Express (TM), and Sony(TM) have sought help from Bay Area Executive Suites, you know when they help you grow your small business, you’re in capable hands.

For more information about the business center, virtual office space or shared office space visit our website @ www[dot]bayareaoffices[dot]com, email us: greg@bayareaoffices[dot]com or give us a call at 888[dot]260[dot]3385

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