Film Riot – God Shuts Down the Film Riot Shoot!!!

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Murphy’s Law shows up in a big way on Film Riot’s shoot. After a freaking downpour, the crew was forced to shut down production

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  1. sekayujora Says:

    I had been trying to find the same of the song, what is it?

  2. Soccerpie888 Says:

    if i go to florida i so wanna visit you

  3. SmoothBrolly Says:

    I would love to jump around in the rain lol

  4. rdc4ya Says:

    @ThaOneKidz yea ive been looking too can u tell me what song it is?

  5. mindscrap Says:

    yeah..god did it. It was probably just some awesome special effect you did buying pipes n stuff at homedepot,because you were too lazy to film an episode. ADMIT IT!!

    haha..nice vlog^^

  6. TheBassguitarfreak Says:

    This should be a response video to How to make rain without getting wet 🙂

  7. Jazza159 Says:

    This is why i love film riot

  8. mattamys Says:

    wat specific song is this, im guessing it was a royalty free song/album, but what song is it? i’ve looking everywhere

  9. ThaOneKidz Says:

    Whcih part of Florida you guys from? I’m from Cocoa Beach.

  10. lolking4 Says:

    that rain looks fun 🙂 i want canada to rain like that one day lol

  11. Jonisfilm Says:

    God’s quite a playa…*giggle* because..he MAKES IT RAIN!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAA! hahaha..*sigh :)*

  12. piedevil1 Says:

    no no thats my thing no

  13. Jonisfilm Says:


  14. thenameless191993 Says:

    Florida’s weather pwns! 😀

  15. Flogag Says:

    love it!

  16. mace197 Says:

    Let’s Make It Rain Playa!!

  17. GVPisthebest Says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha lol xD… pie…

  18. MusicDudeRock Says:

    1. I agree with you
    2. iMovie doesn’t suck, it’s actually a good starter program
    3. Commenting in bullet points is cool but can get annoying
    4. i got nothing i just wanted to add another bullet point
    5. you are getting very sleepy, you want to buy me a pie…

  19. MusicbyTRAVI Says:

    Mother Nature can provide a filmmaker’s best and worst moments! Glad ya guy’s found the humor in it though….I’d expect no less =)

  20. filmriot Says:


  21. Spawn3X5 Says:

    I thought this godly voice was like gonna say im stopping this shit right now!

  22. FalconWeenie Says:

    I know that after effects is a great program!! i just cant afford it. and imovie is just ok for what i want to do…except some of these effects.

  23. reeceevans1 Says:

    but u can do half the stuff in sony vegas pro. i can do most effects that i culd do in adobe so i stopped using that as it kept crashing nd now i just use sony vegas

  24. GVPisthebest Says:

    1. dude after effects is the best movie editing program on the market so try to use it 2 you can not say that a program sucks just because u dont have the things that u need to learn what they teach 3. imovie sucks

  25. FalconWeenie Says:

    Alot of your effects need after effects. i dont go that…so it sucks! do an episode with video effects tht can be do with imovie or imovie hd.

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