Fight Foreclosure: Buying More Time

Pin It Here’s the insanity of the mortgage mess created by lenders: a homeowner gets behind a few payments, gets back on her feet and when she tries to pay, the check is returned. The lender decides it doesn’t want the homeowner’s money. No, it would rather have the taxpayers’ money.

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  1. ANYSIA000 Says:

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  2. charkee1 Says:

    Ha Ha, Wachovia no longer exists, har har har. Now I’m waiting for Well Fargo to go belly up. The Federal Reserve must be eliminated if the banking system is to survive much longer. We need a bank for the people and by the people.

  3. Godzie1 Says:

    @billjesusgates Not too lucky when you have to pay the taxes on those same 40 homes! 😛

  4. billjesusgates Says:

    its good for me. i just bought 40 foreclosured houses.

  5. michaeljackson200 Says:

    The sub-prime meltdown goes back to 1994, when Clinton created a National Homeownership Strategy that got risky borrowers to take out mortgages that they couldn’t pay back. This was a real bad idea. So many houses are getting foreclosed on;That is not a good thing. It is both Clinton’s fault for allowing these loans to be given and the fault of people who are considered risky borrowers for getting these loans.

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