Fashion tips: Basic wardrobe building and planning

Pin It Fashion tips: Basic wardrobe building and planning You may have a closet full of clothes, but do you have the wardrobe basics every woman needs? Fashion experts Jennifer Goodkind and Jayne Chase, hosts of A Fashionable Life on radio, show us how to choose the essential fashion basics you must have in your wardrobe. Keywords fashion tips basic wardrobe planning wardrobe basics wardrobe essentials

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  1. Scorpioner123 Says:


  2. tamithomas Says:

    lol gotta love how they are only showing pieces from what is considered expensive names for the average middle class people like tommy hilfiger.

  3. Meerjeya Says:

    @yneqe Everyone can wear white but different shades. Off creamy white for warmer tones and bright white for cooler.

  4. Salsagirl66 Says:

    0:55 Who needs a long tench coat: well if you have saddlebags you do! And those turtleneck shirt and double breasted jackets are going to make a larger girl with bigger boobs look ridiculous. This video presumes that one style fits all and everyone can pull off black.

  5. danyale06 Says:

    This info seems more suited towards the age 35+ crowd. My life style doesnt require quite a few of these items. I do think that in general everyone should have some form of these items, but those arent the basics.

  6. eoliverbetinha Says:

    @Nilyentaraka I’m pretty sure I saw them talking about little black dress in another video.

  7. bnmce123 Says:

    Thank you for these videos! I am over 50 and kind of floundering as far as what is appropriate for my age (You’re not young, but you’re not old). You have given me some help in what to have for wardrobe essentials to build upon.

  8. beesgrammie Says:

    I want to know what to wear if you look ghastly in black and white. I look like death warmed over in black and white.

  9. Nilyentaraka Says:

    I’m surprised the little black dress didn’t make it into the essentials list.

  10. girak1986 Says:

    @nitram01111 So true! You can’t get through life on just jeans and t-shirts. One day the “older lady” bashers will know that.They just have to graduate high school first :). And I love those saying white doesn’t work with their skin tone. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t look good in white or at least ivory.

  11. immarati8 Says:

    Not everyone must anything from it is our decision to have what in our closet … Especially those summer country where they have any winter…I wanna describe you two ” old-fashion”

  12. yneqe Says:

    First. Not everybody can wear white, It has to work with your skin tone. For the rest: Pff. I need to make my own basic vid, because I don’t need all those essentials. According to the nice lady’s that’ll mean that I’m not a woman…

  13. Ladytalon Says:

    @xxmikaylaxmadnessxx Yes, your Lady Card has officially been revoked! 😉

  14. Resateezer Says:

    The velvet jeans she pulls out look like 7 for all mankind to me.. not AG… look at the inside of the pants… hmmm

  15. makeuppmaniac Says:

    @iszinka haha if only it was that easy!

  16. 0ElaEnchanted0 Says:

    no little black dress?? that´s the BASIC!!

  17. iiicoco Says:

    this looks like an old business men’s wardrobe

  18. iszinka Says:

    @makeuppmaniac blue jeans, white and black T-shirt and snickers.. how complicated is that? 😉

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  21. weirdoneontheblock Says:

    allergic to wool 🙁

  22. weshasawi Says:

    sell much?!

  23. xxmikaylaxmadnessxx Says:

    i dont have a trench coat, does that mean i cant be a lady anymore?

  24. makeuppmaniac Says:

    can you make a “wardrobe essentials” video for teens too?

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