FAP Turbo Gets The Thumbs Up

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Lets get the negative stuff out of the way first:


Negative #1.  Fapturbo is an automated “robot” Forex trading system. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but if you don’t like robot or automated trading systems then Fapturbo is definitely not for you. There are those who love them and those who don’t like them.

Negative #2.  If you run Fapturbo on your own computer (rather than on the Fapturbo servers) you have to leave your machine on all the time. Power outages mean trading outages as well and you could miss the trades just because your computer went down or the power went out.


Negative #3.  To overcome Negative #2 you need to run on the providers servers at a cost of about $70 per month. That’s spilt chickenfeed in the forex world, but it still means that for some people it will be a cost burden until they make some cash out of the system.


That’s it. If you like the idea of an automated trading system and you don’t mind leaving your computer on for all time (which is not harmful to the computer, by the way) or paying the extra $70 per month fee then you are going to love Fapturbo. It stands head and shoulders above every other robot system out there. Take the time to trial this system.


The whole idea of FapTurbo is to automate the entire forex market trading, allowing you to trade on the foreign exchange market without doing anything – a completely automated system that places trades for you.


A forex robot is simply a computer program that monitors the Forex market movements; generates buy and sell signals, and then enters into those positions automatically. It removes a major and sometimes unpredictable variable from the already complex situation. What variable you ask?  You. The emotional, sometimes illogical, irrational human being. No offence to you personally, but we humans can be very unpredictable and impulsive at times. Fapturbo implements the two strategies described below in the way that only computers can; quickly, predictably, repetitively and reliably. Fapturbo cannot and will not waiver or change its mind, as you or I might.


The Fapturbo Trading Strategy:


The Fapturbo system utilises 2 trading strategies:


  1. The Scalping System – this is a short term trade which involves taking small profits, and taking them often. The FAP Turbo scalper is designed to trade EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF and USD/CAD on a 15 minute chart. And this is NOT a ‘traditional scalper’ (which does high volume of small trades around the spread), instead it aims to make 1 – 5 trades per day using a tight profit target of 6 to 15 pip.


  1. The longer term method involves trades on a 4 hour (or longer) time frame, then holding onto those positions for bigger profits.


By the way, you can run both these strategies at the same time to maximize your potential profits, and spread the risk between the two trading methods.


FAPTurbo trades on multiple currency pairs, which is a rare feature in fully automated forex software and is a really big plus that will appeal to the more advanced traders.

On top of that, the software manages the trade in such a way that it keeps the losses small and the profitable trades frequent and consistent.


Operating Platform:


To use Fap Turbo, you must open an account with a brokerage that uses the MT4 software platform. Don’t worry, there are a large number of reputable companies that support and use MT4, so integrating FAPTurbo will not be an issue.


Install and Start Trading


The set up is a very simple process – Fapturbo will self install, which basically means you can double click on the software to install the necessary files to start trading.


You can use Fapturbo in demo mode – with pretend money – until you are satisfied and then you can switch to a live account. Once you start real trading you are usually required to open an account with $100 balance. Again, this is really not even pocket change in the forex world.


If you are considering using Fapturbo as a means to generate some extra income and the thought of losing a $100 investment bothers you, then this is the wrong investment vehicle for you.


What comes with the Fap Turbo system?


Fapturbo is a very well supported and customer centric system with a fully featured members-zone, video tutorials, a telephone support hotline as well as a special hosting account and other bonuses for you.


In the Fap Turbo members area, there are 5 instructional videos –


Video 1. How to get started – MetaTrader 4 installation and finding a



Video 2. How to install the FAPTurbo with the easy installer


Video 3. Activating the software and using the proper settings for FapTurbo


Video 4. Discussion on the Scalper system and settings


Video 5. Discussion on the long term trading system and settings


In addition to the videos library, you get:


          ·Access to the FAP Turbo MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) – this FAP Turbo is actually 2 systems in one EA. It consists of a refined version of the previous FAPS strategy for trading the EUR/USD and a new trading system for scalping the crosses (EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, etc) ;

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