Family Issues That Fall Under The Purview Of Family Laws

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Family law is concerned with legal matters that families face.  Family law is all about domestic relationships, legalities of marriage, the  creation  and dissolution of unions such as domestic marriage, partnerships and civil unions, and divorce related issues such as child support, custody, visiting rights, division of conjugal properties and a lot more issues on who-gets-what. 

A lot of issues are encompassed by family law. The most common cases are separation cases. Most issues are financial implications that dissolved marriages and civil partnerships forth. Even in cases with pre-nuptials, disagreements still arise on matters of who gets what and how much each one gets. 

Issues tied to separation are child custody, child support, provisions related to the children, visiting rights, ancillary relief, division of conjugal property, pre-nuptial agreement, property ownership disputes and all issues concerning what each party gets.Other than divorce related disputes, other issues concerning families deal with inheritance. Issues concerning the execution of a last will of testament may not be as easy to execute as a check list would suggest. These legal issues deal with Inheritance Act and other contested probate claims.  There are also property ownership disputes, quantifying estates that you can’t simply cut as if it were a pie and split among the heirs, and sometimes, conditions for the heirs to become eligible for the inheritance. 

Without a last will, an inheritance gets distributed based on what family law states. Siblings sometimes forget their blood ties when it comes to division of inheritance. Family members often fight off each other on who gets what. 

Before these  issues that we mentioned even arises, family law already comes in with pre-nuptial contracts, co-habitation contracts, living together agreements, adoption, and drafting of the last will.

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