Factors to Remember when Finding a Freight Forwarding Agent

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Exporting/importing for the first time may be very demanding to business operators. Luckily, there are people who can help make the everything easier such as freight forwarders. If you find the ideal one, a freight forwarder can offer useful advice and support to you and your business– allowing the process of shipping your items simpler. Different corporations consider varying qualifications of a professional freight forwarder. However, But their expectations from a forwarding agent often boils down to how easily their cargo can reach their specified destination at a competitive price.

Here are several points you have to consider to help you find the best forwarder for your business.

1. Is the freight forwarder a company/corporation that is large enough to cope with your global business?

The forwarding agent must be able to manage demands of transit of goods if they hold various service contracts. Your forwarder needs to give several alternatives to ensure transport of your items to their destination at the best possible time and condition.

2. Will the freight forwarder be able to manage various types of goods or do they have specialization?

Determine the different types of goods the freight forwarder can work with to know their proficiency on shipping various products. This is necessary if you need to deliver different kinds of goods. See to it that they are armed with the right shipment knowledge of your product. Keep in mind that specialisation puts limits on what can and can not be feasible in forwarding goods.

3. Do they possess a good hold on designated agents globally from origin to destination ports?

Check on how they manage communications to and fro agencies particularly in foreign countries. Information flow on your shipment’s progress could easily be facilitated without difficulty if the freight forwarding agency has a strong connection to global agents to ensure shipment arrives without delay. Feedback and reporting are readily available if further problems should come up– you can get in touch with them with ease and/or they reach out to you for any concerns about your shipment.

4. Does the agent offers proper freight insurance?

In cases of accidents or losses, the freight forwarder must provide insurance options and policies that are specific and clear. Forwarders should be liable at all times, equipped to explain and able to compensate for any eventualities that may happen to your items during transit.

5. Can the agent grant you a competitive pricing with air cargo, steamship, truck lines, etc.?

Choose the freight forwarder that not only provide the most affordable cost on your transport needs but also finds time to clearly discuss all financial aspects like custom charges, import and export processes, handling of freights, and more.

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