Event Photographer In San Antonio

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Over the last year or two several of the companies asking me for bids appear to be very concerned about low quality work. It looks like the weekend photographers who think event photography is a simple way to make money are providing very bad images to clients. Of course photography being part technical and part art is open to anyone who can purchase a camera. In fact you don’t even need to purchase a camera, you can rent one for about $40.00 and hope for the best.

The problem with trade show or convention photography is the lighting and room conditions. Few venues invest the tens of thousands to provide top quality light so the photographer must know how to adjust the camera to fit each and every lighting condition.

I know a lot of people think you can place the camera on Auto and start shooting. Too bad that only works for normal lighting conditions. Usually if you want top quality images you must understand how to balance all the camera functions. They range from shutter speed to the amount of flash being used and can very with every shot.

I made a sample video showing what many photographers deliver to clients and how a professional photographer using the correct file system could correct the image color in a matter of minutes. Part of being professional is not getting every shot perfect but getting every shot required and knowing how to adjust the few that need help in post processing. This way the end product is up to the clients and photographers expectations.

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