Eric Cantor (R-VA) given a Mic Check at Rice University

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) last week, at Rice University had some uncomfortable moments. He stood there totally flabbergasted as you can see in the video unable to speak a word for few minutes. He backed off and showed no emotions. He was shouted down and hackled by protesters. He was told you are not welcomed here, which is an insult for a guest speaker invited on behalf of the University.

Eric Cantors called Occupy Wall street protesters “ mobs” less than a month ago. The “mobs” today turned on him giving him the human “ Mic Check” a technique popularized by Occupy wall street protesters where a speaker resonates words via others humans in an amplified sound repeating the message. The technique works where Mic and other equipment is not available specially at quick short demonstrations.

Eric has faced similar growing antagonism at other venues as well, and had to avoid or cancel speeches booked months in advance. He apparently canceled his University of Pennsylvania speech last month after calling the 99 percent movement “ mobs”. Eric Cantors campaigns have been financed by Wall Street power houses and wealthy resources and are a source of irritation among Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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