Ensure Followers Success in a Home Business Online Opportunity

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The number one motivator in getting someone to take action towards a desired result is showing them appreciation. People crave sincere recognition of their unique talents and attributes. However many people throughout their early lives are made feel like failures by the very people that are meant to equip them for life. Teachers and parents who criticise instead of praising lead a child to feel like he/she is good at nothing. These children start off life lacking two very valuable resources, self esteem and self confidence. Unfortunately this child or young adult who is made to feel like this will ultimately live ‘up’ to the words of the teacher. Contrast this instead to a child that gets encouragement and praise. They will go on to believe in themselves and to do great things. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie gives us the example of a ten year boy from Naples many many years ago. He loved to sing but his teacher totally discouraged him, even telling him he couldn’t sing. His mother however, despite being a poor peasant woman never gave up on him. She went without the basics of life so she could pay for singing lessons for him.

Her reward was seeing her son becoming the greatest and most famous opera singer of his age, Enrico Caruso. Had his mother agreed with his teacher the outcome may have been very different and the world would have lost out on a great talent. Many times in your home business online opportunity you will encounter people who may seem slow to learn the concepts of Internet marketing promotion. Resist the desire to rush in with criticism. Praise whatever they are doing right. Remember, “praise is like sunlight to the warm human spirit; we cannot flower and grow without it”* Make the praise specific to what they have done, this makes it sincere. Insincere praise or praise just for the sake of praise is not the same thing at all. Just like that poor boy in Naples all those years ago, those hesitant early starters may turn into bright shining stars of Internet marketing promotion. “abilities wither under criticism; they blossom under encouragement”* To find out more about an amazing home business online opportunity that gives tremendous support and encouragement to all newcomers, allowing them to grow and flourish both personally and financially visit my blog. It also contains many more articles and videos aimed at increasing your leadership skills. *Jess Lair, I Ain’t much Baby – But I’m All I Got.

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