Emilie Autumn Interview: Holding the Key to the Asylum 720p

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Unique In Depth Interview with Emilie Autumn! Please watch in HD! Thanks to Dolores, Emilie’s Tour manager, and of course the one and only EA herself, we were able to have a half hour of Emilie’s time, and do an in depth interview, by muffins, for the muffins. We sat down with Emilie before her show in Antwerp, last Friday (24 April). And what Emilie told us was an answer to all the burning muffin questions, and being more open then we have ever seen her. She answered our burning questions, like what’s keeping the Book, the story behind Shalott, the use of Shakespeare, The Victorian and Elizabethan age, and many, many more! Please note that this is a re-upload as the interview required some cuts for legal reasons. This is the final and definitive version. Transcript: openwiki.com Researcher, Interviewer: Evi Hoste, Camera A, Editing, Directing: Kris Van de Sande, Camera B: Jasper Orens

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  1. leonardorsal Says:

    EMilie I’ll see you in Chile soon!!!

  2. shadowbarrowman Says:

    12 People just don’t appreciate decent music 🙁

  3. miharu07 Says:

    Oh Emilie, she´s so inspiring adorable, intelligent, humorous, talented, beautiful and all the other good stuff you can come up with. She´s absolutely brilliant and I´m so glad that I´ve seen her in real life on stage! Oh how I love her….
    I must say that that the interviewer is really cute and adorable. It looks like she´s in big interest of EA and she also looks like a bit of timid person.

  4. polinasoyyo Says:

    She is an awesome girl. I love how she offers support to people whose experiences are similar to hers. She´s a good person.

  5. DartmouthProductions Says:

    Omygosh Im crying!!!! She is inspirational!!!!!!!

  6. NothingChild Says:

    I love the interviewer 🙂 She’s so sweet and you can tell she’s really genuinely interested in Emilie ^ _ ^

  7. CowboyClucky Says:

    @Enjazzed Nah, I doubt it, Lady Gaga imitates David Bowie and Klaus Nomi. Emilie Autumn’s style seems more gothic/grunge and Lady Gaga is more futuristic/femme fatale. Gaga style really isn’t like Emilie Autumn at all. I’m not being mean they just don’t have the same style at all. Gaga has feminist themes whereas Emilie Autumn aims at near psychotic. Emilie Autumn looks like something out of “Alice In Wonderland”, Gaga looks futuristic. Different artists.

  8. werunwithscissors101 Says:

    12 people are on my bitch list for unliking this

  9. CrippledPotato Says:


    just when she said that somehwere in the world its 4 o’clock
    I lokoed at the time… and it was 4.01 pm

  10. TheLegendOfZelda100 Says:

    @5miraky5 I know. That woman has swiped everything off many artist…including Emile Autumn and Marilyn Manson. Not very original….or unique……

  11. TheLegendOfZelda100 Says:

    I feel like crying when I see this…its the best interview I have ever seen. She is awesoume and so beauitful!

  12. CLAMPprincess Says:

    she’s smart and beautiful

  13. akimistarla Says:

    *sigh* the temptation of becoming a tool *shame*….she is so beautiful

  14. dreamer2anime Says:

    I dont always know what to say but i guess here are some words. Inspiration, class, intelligence, pride, strength, true artistry. Emilie you rock

  15. tyko48 Says:

    already loved her. This interview really shows how special she is and the reasons she is soo much more than just another artist.
    the connection she makes with the less optimistic of us really means a lot

    anyone else cant wait for book to arrive?? (seems north american stock is already running low, get it now!)

    also, something random, but interesting I’ve found, try playing Fable II while listening to EA, they’re set in a similar era, and to me at least, it was really quite magical.

  16. Amorr666 Says:

    Gotta say that i watched the whole video almost not breathing att and this interview really made me love her music even more and it seems that this girl has the intelligence to become something more, im just saying.. correct if im wrong.

  17. SamusAran4Pikachu Says:

    im looking for E A fans of sorts to talk and become friends with … i wish there wasnt a need for this advertising of myself but point is where im from there is little to talk with of whom share common interests of mine. there are friends to be made so we havent be left alone… i ask not much but for for anyone to grab my hand for a friendship i so long for … my apologies for using this as a way to find others … thank you

  18. EmeraldFool Says:

    @fishymachine It’s possible to be a fan without being a sycophant.
    I ‘m sure she didn’t think about it a tenth as much as you have; just said something to fill the dead air. I was only teasing.

  19. fishymachine Says:

    Not her most enthusiastic fan: I’m not sure she said that somewhere in the world it’s 16:00,more like somewhere there 16:xx,and since some countries (Iran,India,Venezuela,and central Australia) have half an hour time zone,also Nepal has a quarter-hour timezone,so the interview might have happened closer to 4 PM than you think

  20. EmeraldFool Says:

    @relentlessneurotoxin not THAT smart. She obviously doesn’t get how timezones work.

  21. captainfrostphire Says:

    Wow… After watching this interview, my level of respect for Emilie Autumn has definitely increased. She’s very intelligent… I would love to meet her; because I feel like she and I have a similar thought process of reality. Both of us have been through a “difficult” (as some would say; though an understatement) situation, which has brought to light a new line of thinking. Emilie Autumn – you are absolutely fantastic!

  22. SneakrFreakrSpkRBoxx Says:

    i am sooo addicted to her song ‘swallow’
    i wanna be a wayward victorian girl!!

  23. 5miraky5 Says:

    @Zezima459 GaGa can DIE!! she sucks

  24. HigherLevelEntity Says:

    I thought that often.

  25. plummad Says:

    @Zezima459 Or she took it from the people that Emilie got her inspiration from, which is far more likely…

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