Email Overload: 3 Simple Strategies To Declutter Your Inbox Now

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A few months ago my inbox had 678 messages in one account and another 142 in the other. I didn’t want to delete the messages because I hadn’t read them yet. Many of them were newsletters and Ezines I subscribe to that had good information I wanted to save. There were also free downloads, free give away links, 30% off coupons for books I might want to buy someday. Oh yes, there were emails from friends sending me funny cartoons and pictures. It got so bad that my Internet carrier started bouncing back emails because there was no room. So I deleted everything. Well, that didn’t help. Within a couple of weeks, the same scenario was occurring. The monster was hungry.

I was losing information, addresses, not getting back to friends, etc. I had to do something. So, I came up with a way to organize my inbox that is working very well for me. I want to share my system with you so you can feel “Clutter Free” like me.

Here are 3 simple steps to clearing the clutter in your inbox and becoming more efficient as you work online:

Step #1: Unsubscribe.

How simple is this? Do you really need all those Ezines, newsletters, email alerts, daily tips, etc? The answer is “NO.” If you’re like me, you probably save them to read later, then never get around to it. Yes, they might have valuable information; but overall, most people are giving you the same information with a little twist. Just let them go. You don’t really read them anyway. Same goes for the free giveaways and free downloads.

Step #2: Set up destination email accounts.

You can easily do this with Google and Yahoo.

  • Original-email-account@gmail Choose one account that will be reserved for personal email (family & friends, Twitter and Facebook alerts, etc.) You can keep your old email account for this.
  • Subscription-email-account@gmail One of the new destination accounts will be earmarked to receive newsletters, Ezines and email subscriptions that you really want. Go into your newly uncluttered inbox and find the newsletters, Ezines and subscriptions you did not eliminate and click the “unsubscribe” button. Instead of unsubscribing, you’re just going to edit your info and put in your new destination email address. Now, delete these subscriptions from the old inbox. You don’t need them because they will be delivered to your new email address.
  • Home-business-account@gmail The other destination account will be reserved for your home-based business coaching course or online mentor. Choose only one program that you will pursue and designate a separate email account to receive all correspondence as well as related information such as hosting account, receipts, and various other related emails.

Step #3: Leftovers

  • Do another run through of your original inbox and delete everything that has been there more than a month.
  • Delete any newsletters, Ezines and subscription emails that you missed during step #1
  • What are left are probably business contacts that you need. Go through and delete all that are no longer needed and forward the remaining ones to the third destination email address. I had things like paypal receipts, password confirmations, etc. Deal with them on another day. They’re safe in the new account.

Take a break.

  • Go through all your personal emails, add their addresses to your address book and delete. If they contain pictures, save the pics and then delete. You don’t need to save the emails. I used to save emails to remind me to write to people I don’t see often. I’ve got their addresses; I’ll get back to them eventually.
  • Next day, check out your original inbox. It will probably be receiving more newsletters, etc. Click unsubscribe and either edit your email address to the appropriate email account or completely unsubscribe.

Make a commitment to act immediately upon opening an email. Either forward it to the correct destination email account, or unsubscribe, and then delete. After trying this system for just a week, you will be amazed with how simple and organized your inbox can be. Make a commitment now to clean up your inbox and live clutterfree.

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